Why Biometric Access is Essential for Your Next Gun Safe

If you are a gun owner you will understand the need for secure storage. Until recently, gun safes and cabinets were of a standard type: they had locks that were either key or combination operated, and were as secure as they could possibly be with that sort of lock.

Lately, and with crime on the rise, it has become necessary to find ever more secure types of protection for guns – and also for other items – and thankfully, technology has allowed for the development of some very effective solutions.

The most up to date entry and security systems use biometric access technology. This goes beyond the means of keys and combinations when it comes to security, as it is personal and highly effective. Biometric locks use up to the minute technology that recognises the fingerprint of those with authorised access to the safe and its contents.

This makes a lot of sense where guns are concerned. For example, if you have children in the house, there’s always a chance they could come across the keys, be lucky enough to open the safe, and get their hands on your firearms – the potential of which does not bear thinking about.

So, why should you consider a biometric access system for your next gun safe? Besides security, there are a few other reasons, so let’s have a closer look.

Secure Yet Fast Access

A gun safe could mean your cabinet in which you keep your shotguns or rifles, a smaller wall-mounted safe for hand guns, or a hidden, portable safe for the same. It’s all down to the type and number of guns you have, and where you keep them secure.

If you do have guns in the house, the chances are you have them for enjoyment – shooting is a popular pastime – and also for security. It’s for the latter purpose that biometric gun safes offer a further benefit.

Let’s imagine an example: you fear an intruder is in your property, and you head to get your gun from the safe. If it’s key-locked you need to retrieve the key, get it in the lock, and open the safe. If it’s a combination safe, you need to enter the correct number and open the safe.

Both of these may take some doing if you are in a state of alarm or concern. Also, if your family are mot always certain where you keep the keys, it may be difficult for those in the house at the time to get hold of the keys, or they may forget the combination.

With a biometric access system you can reach your guns much more quickly; you simply present your fingerprint and the lock is opened. That’s far quicker, and easier, than having to search for keys or remember (or find) a combination. Yet, the level of access by unauthorised persons is just as limited, and perhaps even more so.

Authorised Access

Another benefit of biometric gun safes is that access can only be granted by the owner. Some safes allow for a few fingerprints to be programmed into the system, while others can allow for a greater number. The recommendation is for as few people as possible to have access to your guns – only those, for instance, who will need them at any one point.

This means that the children will not be able to get into the safe. Some biometric gun safes come with a dual-locking system – either with keys or a combination in addition to the fingerprint – and you can choose to use this alongside or, to ensure rapid access, to use only the biometric aspect. Be aware that all biometric locks are electrically powered; some are mains-powered, some have batteries, and the best have direct power and a battery back-up, so it’s worth talking to suppliers about the best one for you.

Other Features to Look For

A biometric lock is just one aspect of the security of your gun storage, as you need to look at other factors of individual safes. Look for one, for example, with interior hinges, as these are more difficult to break into than those hinged on the outside. Choose as a very minimum a safe with a 12-gauge steel door, and at least 7-gauge steel walls. Look for double-walled safes for added security.

Also, the safe will have a rating for drill-proofing and fire-proofing – or not! Choose one that has the highest rating for each, especially for drilling, in your price bracket, as this will give you added security. You also need to consider where your safe is going to be mounted or hidden, and this depends upon the type of safe you are installing.

So, a biometric gun safe is definitely the way to go, and you should consider the model you need alongside the installation space and the other factors mentioned. One last thing – remember that you may need to access your gun safe, in a hurry, in the dark, so it is worth putting it somewhere accessible in darkness and making sure that it has internal lights, just because you have the best gun safe doesn’t mean you’re prepared, it takes common sense too.

Protect your guns with a biometric safe, and protect your family and property too.