Walther PPS Holster – 5 Holsters To Fit Your Walther PPS

Walther PPS

walther pps holster

When shopping for a Walther PPS holster, you need to be sure that the holster you are buying will actually fit your gun. Not only that, but you need to be mindful of how you plan to carry your gun (e.g. concealed, over-the-waistband, etc.)

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Walther PPS has the following measurements:

  • Weight: 560 g (19.8 oz)
  • Length: 160.5 mm (6.32 in)
  • Barrel length: 81 mm (3.2 in)

When you take into consideration the measurements listed above, you can see that the Walther PPS is a small sized gun. A gun of this size is typically well suited for concealed carry, which means your options for holsters are quite wide.


In the table at the top of this page we listed 10 great Walther PPS holster options for the PPS, but below we take a closer look at 5 of our favorite holsters for the PPS. Specifically, we look at how well made the holsters are, how comfortable they are to wear and how well they fit the Walther PPS.

Fobus PPS Right-Handed Holster

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If you want a "tacti-cool" holster that was specifically designed for military and law-enforcement in mind, then the Fobus holster is an option you can look at. This specific holster is a OWB (over the waistband) holster that is made from injection molded high density plastics.

Because it is made from plastics rather than leather, cleaning and maintaining it is a breeze. To clean it you just wipe it off with a wet cloth and maybe some soap!

Comfort for this Walther PPS holster is good thanks to the paddle that is included with this holster. Paddles allow the holster to sit comfortably on your body for long periods of carry. If you need to carry concealed, this OWB holster might not be the best option for you (unless you wear baggy clothing over it of course).

A typical design feature of the Fobus holsters is the retention screw that it has, which allows you to adjust the gun retention to your liking. As soon as you get the holster, you should adjust the screw to your liking as the holster comes from the factory with the screw usually very tight already.

This holster is specifically molded for the PPS, so fit for the gun is excellent.

OUTBAGS LOB2S-PPS Brown Genuine Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster

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While the Fobus holster above is the "tacti-cool" holster option, this holster from Outbags is the traditional leather holster option. It is hand crafted and made in the USA! It is made from quality leather that is cured and hardened to make sure the holster keeps it shape well (if a leather holster is made from soft leather, it will collapse in and make it harder to holster your gun). What we like about this particular leather holster is that it has a clear coating on it to keep it looking good.

If you want to carry concealed, this inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster is a good option to look at. The leather should make for a comfortable carry experience.

From a quality perspective, this is a really well made holster that should last you a long time if you look after it. When you get the holster, you will probably have to break the holster in a bit to make sure your gun fits the holster perfectly and to your liking.

Some folks have complained a little bit that the steel clip that you would use to clip the holster to your belt is very stiff. The stiff clip makes it a little hard to put the holster on or take it off.

Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster

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We really like leather holsters here at Smoking Barrel USA, and this holster is the type of holster that we especially like! This is a holster from from Desantis, who is one of the better known brands when it comes to holsters.

The holster is made from beautiful leather and has double stitching. This makes for an extremely well made holster that will not let you down. As with most leather holsters, you will probably have to break the holster in when you get it, to make sure your gun fits the holster to your liking.

This Walther PPS holster has been designed for easy and quick draw. Draw is quick and easy thanks to the holster riding high on your hip. The thumb-break keeps your holster secure, while still not being too stiff to hamper your draw speed.

Fit and retention is very good for this holster due to the molding of the holster. This holster is another solid option if you want a holster for concealed carry.

You can order the holster either in black leather or tan leather. It also comes in either left-hand or right-hand configurations.

If you want a really well made holster that will be comfortable to carry and look really good, this might just be the best Walther PPS holster option for you!

SHTF GEAR Walther PPS IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention and Comfort Curve

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Another "tacti-cool" holster option on our list is the SHTF Gear holster. It is made to specifically fit the Walther PPS and is constructed using a mix of high quality leather and Kydex.

Since it was made specifically for the PPS, fit for the Walther PPS is excellent. Comfort is also excellent due to the paddle design of the holster. It curves to your body to make for a very snug fit. The snug fit to your body makes concealment good, as the gun is kept close to your body.

Similar to the Fobus we mentioned earlier, you can adjust the retention of the holster to your liking. Unlike the Fobus, you can adjust the cant of this holster though. The overall quality of the construction is extremely good, with many folks praising this holster for how well made the holster is.

DeSantis Glock 26/27 PPS/PK380 Sof-Tuck Holster

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Different to the other Walther PPS holsters that we have listed above, this holster is not a holster that was specifically designed and molded to fit the Walther PPS. That is because this is a pocket holster made from durable and viscous Nylon.

The viscosity (stickiness) allows for the holster not to slip out of your pocket accidentally. The inside of the holster is made from a smooth and soft cloth, so you do not have to worry about your gun getting unwanted scratches on it.

Concealability is really good with this holster. It has padding inside to ensure that it does not give off a print of a gun inside your pocket.

This is a ambidextrous holster, so you do not need to worry whether it is designed for left-hand users or right-hand users only.

How Do The Walther PPS HOLSTER CHOICEs Compare?

Now that we looked in detail at the five Walther PPS holster options above, we can start comparing them to each other to see which holster might be the right holster for our needs. Remember though, that everyone has different needs. So the holster that we choose might not necessarily be the best holster for you.

The Fobus Standard Holster is the fist of our "tacti-cool" options. It is a tough holster that was made for the world's military and law-enforcement forces. It is made from Kydex, which makes it easy to maintain, and is molded to specifically fit the Walther PPS. If you adjust the retention screw to your liking, draw is quick and easy. The paddle that is included with the holster allows for a very comfortable carry.

The Outbags leather holster is a nice little leather holster that will serve you well if you look after it. It comes at a good price while still offering good quality. This is a good option to look at if you want a concealed carry holster for a good price.

The Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard holster is a good looking and well made leather holster. With its double stitching, this holster should hold up really well. It is very comfortable to wear and allows for a quick draw thanks to its design. This is another good concealed carry option that offers good value for money.

The SHTF GEAR IWB hybrid holster is our second "tacti-cool" holster option. It is made from Kydex and high quality leather. It is probably the most comfortable of the holsters on our list, thanks to the paddle design which keeps the gun snug against your body. You can adjust the cant and retention on this holster, making it excellent for ease of draw.

The DeSantis pocket holster is a no-fuss holster that is suited for both left-hand users and right-hand users. It is made from viscous Nylon that will not easily move around your pocket or even fall out. It has padding to reduce gun print, making it good for concealed carry.

Which holster would we choose?

If we had to go out and buy a holster for a Walther PPS, we would want something that is designed for concealed carry and will also be really comfortable. There are a couple holsters like that on our list, namely the Outbags holster and the SHTF GEAR IWB hybrid holster.

If we had to choose between the two, we would choose the SHTF GEAR IWB hybrid holster as it will allow for concealed and comfortable carry for extended periods of time. Sure, it cost more than twice what the Outbags holster goes for, but we are willing to invest a bit more in a holster that will comfortable while providing good carry.