Walther P22 Holsters – 5 Holsters To Fit Your Walther P22

Walther P22

Walther P22 holster

When choosing a Walther P22 holster, keep in mind that all guns differ when it comes to size, weight and functionality. These are some important aspects you need to consider.

Weapon Size and Weight

The Walther P22 has the following measurements:

  • Length: 6.3 in (159 mm)
  • Barrel Length: 3.4 in (87mm)
  • Weight: 15 oz (430g)

You can see from the above that the Walther P22 would fall into the small to medium size category of guns. Because of its small size and weight, a user can choose from a full range of holsters; from a pocket, ankle, over the waistband (OWB), inside the waistband (IWB), and shoulder options.

Weapon Use

The Walther P22 has become popular with civilians concerned with self-defense. Concealment is high on the agenda for most civilians, especially now where the law in most US states require a gun carrier to keep their weapon concealed at all times.

Since these pistols are quite small, concealment is easy and can be accomplished with most types of carriers. Ankle´s are particularly popular for small guns. Keep in mind though; speed of draw is hampered as you need to bend down to get your pistol. When it comes to ease of draw, opt for pocket, OWB and IWB options.


Below we look at 5 Walther P22 holster options that are available on Amazon. We look at the materials that they are made from, the comfort of how it is worn, how it fits the Walther P22, and how easy it is to draw your weapon from the carrier.

Hip for Walther P22 without Underbarrel Laser

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This Walther P22 holster makes it on to our list for being very durable, despite being inexpensive. It is an over the waistband(OWB) made from nylon, and it can be clipped on or worn on a belt using the belt loop. Despite being the second cheapest Walther P22 holster on our list, it’s very well constructed, using multi-layer nylon cushion which molds itself to the pistol, creating a great fit.

The outside is also abrasion and moisture resistant, and the clip is made from a sturdy, high carbon, metal clip. Inside, there is a smooth nylon lining, to stop any scuffs or marks appearing on your pistol, and a closed cell foam barrier, to protect your gun from moisture. There is also a reinforced thumb break, which allows quick release and a smooth draw, and a pouch for an extra magazine.

We’re seriously impressed with the craftsmanship; the seams are well sewn, the straps are thick, and the clip is very sturdy and will not let go of the holster. Additionally, this Walther P22 holster is ambidextrous, so can be worn on the left or right hand side.

The only grumble we had was that the strap holding the gun is made of Velcro, which we feels makes it look ‘cheap’. This Velcro is also a bit too long and scratched our skin when wearing it, but all we had to do is trim the strap and that particular problem was dealt with. Otherwise, comfort is good.

Concealability is almost impossible, but we can’t fault the manufacturers here, as this wasn’t designed for concealed carry. A great, inexpensive Walther P22 holster for the range, or anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, as this will be able to handle most environments.

Fobus Standard RH Paddle WP22 Walther Model P22

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This Walther P22 holster is made from injection molding and space age high-density plastics, which means it can withstand the most severe elements, and is an outside the waistband (OWB) that attaches via a rubberized paddle. It is designed for right hand shooters.

Unlike others, it needs no maintenance, and does not need to sweat or breath. It utilizes a unique passive retention system, which ensure your pistol is retained in the carrier securely, and will only come out when you need it to. The paddle is soft and compliant, and there are no sharp edges, which makes this comfortable on your hip, whilst also riding high and close to your body, which makes this Walther P22 holster quite concealable for an OWB choice.

It fits the Walther P22 snugly, which we expected, as it is solely designed for this pistol. We really appreciate the safety features. The trigger is completely covered, to prevent accidental discharge. The paddle attachment is secure, or if you prefer to attach to belt, the integral snap slides are robust, and will prevent an attacker from being able to unclip your protective case.

Pistol retention is great, as you will hear a reassuring snap. Once the pistol is in, it cannot be removed by an attacker using any angular pull. The only way to draw your weapon is to quickly draw straight up. This, in itself, is a selling point, but also a major issue. You really need to practice draw. We found that this lock is so solid, that we could not get our pistol out of this Walther P22 holster for several minutes when we first tried it, even though we were unholstering by pulling the pistol straight up, as recommended. It took a couple of days’ worth of practice to be able to draw the pistol smoothly and fast.

The other drawback is that, once you have mastered how to draw your pistol, you will then need to wear this case at the same place all the time, as changing positions will mean drawing from a completely different angle, and learning to draw all over again.

If you plan on buying this choice, we recommend drawing and reholstering again and again until you get it right. The last thing you want, in a self-defence situation, is to find you cannot draw your pistol because of unfamiliarity with the retention lock.

Tagua Gunleather Walther P22 Inside Pants Gun, Black, 3.4-Inch, Right Hand

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This Walther P22 holster is an inside the waistband (IWB), right hand shooter option, and is made from reinforced saddle leather. It features a combat grip, a design that makes it open muzzle, and is easily clipped on. Retention is great, as the clip is very high quality.

This has to be one of the most concealable selections on our list, as we felt comfortable wearing this with just shorts and a t-shirt – there was no printing at all. Fit is good for the Walther P22, but expect it to be too tight at first. As with all leather choices, it needs to be broken in. Try leaving your pistol in a hot place, such as on a sunny windowsill. If this doesn’t do the trick, wrap your pistol in a plastic bag and place it inside the case, and then repeat in a hot place. Once broken in, you will find this product is the perfect fit for your Walther P22.

Draw will also be a little stilted, when new, but once broken in, draw is smooth and fast, whilst also retaining your pistol well, when not in use. The only grumble we found is that the gun does dig in a little bit when you sit down, but this happens with many IWB designs. A great Walther P22 holster which is quite keenly priced, considering it is a leather option.

Desantis Mini Scabbard for SR22 P22 Gun, Right Hand, Black

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Our most expensive Walther P22 holster on our list, and also the tiniest. This leather, OWB Walther P22 holster is designed to have the barest of essentials, but still offer a secure grip on the pistol and retention, due to the way it molds exactly to your pistol.

It can accommodate belt slots of up to 1 and half inches, and is the most concealable Walther P22 OWB holster on our list, and very comfortable to wear, which we expected due to its minimalistic design. Fit for the Walther P22 is second to none, although will feel a bit tight when new, as with all leather options.

Use the ‘hot’ method above to break in your carrier when first bought. Also, simply drawing and reholstering your weapon, again and again, will break it in. Retention is second to none, with a great adjustable tension device, so you can create the right balance between smooth draw and retention. A great Walther P22 holster, if it fits your budget.

Usa Made Deluxe Belt & Clip-on Side for Walther P-22 3″ and Hi Point Cf-380 & C-9 9mm 3.5″ Barrels

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This is our cheapest Walther P22 holster, and yet it comes packed with features. It is an OWB selection, made from strong, denier cordura nylon on the outside, and a soft lining on the inside to protect your weapon.

It features an adjustable thumb snap strap, web loopings that can accommodate belts of up to 2 inches on both sides (which makes this ambidextrous), a tempered spring steel clip (if you prefer to clip it on, instead of using a belt), and an extra pouch on the front that allows you to carry an extra magazine.

For such a cheap product, we like the attention to detail, such as all the edges being turned under to stop fraying, and the inside sight channel reinforced to allow smooth draw. This Walther P22 holster is comfortable to wear, and fits the Walther P22 snugly. Concealability is practically non-existent, but this is not made for concealing a weapon. A great, inexpensive Walther P22 holster for use on the range or in the great outdoors. It should be able to handle most things you can throw at it.


There are some great Walther P22 holster options available today. So which Walther P22 holster would we choose if we were looking to fit the Walther P22? Let us recap the top options available:

The Hip choice for Walther P22 is made from nylon and is an OWBs. Draw is smooth and retention is good due to the Velcro strap. This Walther P22 holster is almost impossible to conceal and is designed for use on the range, or in the great outdoors (especially as it has a handy magazine pouch). Comfort is good, once the Velcro strap is trimmed down.

The Fobus Standard RH Paddle is an OWB Walther P22 holster made from injection molding and space age high-density plastics. It is a comfortable due to the pliable paddle, and it is surprisingly concealable for an OWBs. Retention is fantastic, but that creates problems with smooth draw – practice drawing is key.

The Tagua Gunleather Walther P22 Inside Pants Gun is made from reinforced saddle leather, and is the most concealable one on our list, due to its IWB design. Once the leather has been broken in, retention and draw is good. The only issue was slight digging of the pistol when sitting down.

The Desantis Mini Scabbard is the most expensive Walther P22 holster on our list, and is made from leather. Despite the fact that it is an OWB option, it is extremely concealable and comfortable, due to its minimalistic design. Retention and draw is second to none, due to the adjustable tension device.

The Usa Made Deluxe Belt & Clip-on Side is our cheapest Walther P22 holster, and is made from strong, denier cordura nylon. Comfort is good, and draw is smooth due to the reinforced inside sight channel. Concealing this product is practically impossible, but it wasn’t designed for every day carry. A great, out on the range, Walther P22 holster.

Which Walther P22 holster would we choose?


This really depends on what you want a Walther P22 holster for, and of course your budget. If you only plan on carrying your Walther P22 on the range, or in the great outdoors, then it’s silly to pay lots of money, when you can get a robust, well-made Walther P22 holster for under $20.

Either the Hip for Walther P22 or the Usa Made Deluxe Belt & Clip-on Side product will do (we actually liked the cheaper Usa Made Deluxe Belt & Clip-on Side as the best). If you plan on carrying your Walther P22 concealed, however, these simply cannot be concealed well at all.

Our favourite for concealability was the Tagua Gunleather Walther P22 Inside Pants Gun , but we also loved the Desantis Mini Scabbard. The Desantis wins overall, when we take into account draw and retention, but the Tagua was never far behind.


What do you think of the Walther P22 holster options we covered? Do you think there are better carriers for the Walther P22 out there that we did not list? If so, send us a message and tell us what product you think is the ultimate Walther P22 holster!

We hope you find the best Walther P22 holster for your needs! If you have any thoughts on the topic of Walther P22 holster options, we would love to hear it. So please, share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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