The Top 10 Most Popular Firearm Articles On The Web In Sept 2016

Welcome to the first issue of The Top 10 Most Popular Firearm Articles On The Web for September 2016!

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How Did You Come Up With This List?

Simply, we used an algorythmic tool to find articles that were specifically publisher during the month and then looked at the articles that were shared the most on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

The Top 10 Most Popular Articles – September 2016

Below we organised the most popular articles related to firearms according to the number of shares it has received on social media networks. To read the article, simply click on the link and you will be taken to the website where the article was published.

Please note that the numbers contained are a snapshot of the social shares at the time of this article being written. It can happen that the number of social shares could change over time.

ArticleLinkSocial Shares
Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile awaynypost.com98.5K
Naked Mike Rowe Pulls Shotgun on Drone That Invades His Propertycontroversialtimes.com73.1K
FBI: Twice as Many Killed with Bare Hands than Rifles in 2015breitbart.com33.6K
Shotgun Maker Mossberg Moving Operations Out Of Connecticutgunsleague.com26K
This gigantic sniper rifle can hit a kill shot from almost two miles awayfaves.com20K
Underwater Glock Fishing For Lionfish. You’ve Got To See This!saltstrong.com18K
What to Consider When Buying a Rifle Scopeluckygunner.com13.1K
The Story Behind the M-1 Garand Rifle and the story of John C. Garandwarhistoryonline.com13K
Tested: Mossberg MVP-LC Bolt-Action Rifleamericanrifleman.org8.9K
The Top 12 Most Famous Shotgunsfieldandstream.com1.2K

Snippets Of The Top 10 Most Popular Articles

Below we provide a snippet of each of the articles for you to get a feel of what the article is about. If you like it, just click on the read more here link and it will take you to the article to be able to read it in full.

Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away

A sharpshooter killed a top ISIS executioner and three other jihadists with a single bullet from nearly a mile away — just seconds before the fiend was set to burn 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower, according to a new report.

The British Special Air Service marksman turned one of the most hated terrorists in Syria into a fireball by using a Barrett .50-caliber rifle to strike a fuel tank affixed to the jihadi’s back…read more here

Naked Mike Rowe Pulls Shotgun on Drone That Invades His Property

Mike Rowe, the TV host, writer, narrator, producer, spokesman for the working class, and all around great guy woke from sleep and rolled out of bed only to come face to face with a drone hovering overhead and recording.

Mike did the first thing that came to mind – he grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun to blast the drone from the skies…read more here

FBI: Twice as Many Killed with Bare Hands than Rifles in 2015

The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report shows approximately twice as many people were killed with hands and fists in 2015 than were killed with rifles of any kind…read more here

Shotgun Maker Mossberg Moving Operations Out Of Connecticut

America’s largest shotgun manufacturer, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., decided not to expand in Connecticut. Sure it was founded there 1919 and still has its corporate headquarters in North Haven. But in 2013 Connecticut rushed through legislation to ban some of Mossberg’s popular products.

As a result, Mossberg CEO, Iver Mossberg, says, “Investing in Texas was an easy decision. It’s a state that is not only committed to economic growth but also honors and respects the Second Amendment and the firearm freedoms it guarantees for our customers.” more here

This gigantic sniper rifle can hit a kill shot from almost two miles away

Standing 6 feet 8 inches tall, this is by far the biggest rifle I’ve ever seen. Anzio Ironworks developed the 20x102mm Ultra Long Range Sniper System to increase the limit of precision firing from 2,000 yards to 3,500 yards (almost two miles), according to Tactical-Life…read more here

Underwater Glock Fishing For Lionfish. You’ve Got To See This!

Take that lionfish!!! I thought I had seen some creative ways to kill the invasive lionfish, but this video trumped it all. Our friend Courtland Hunt (his son is the 4-year old fishing teacher that went viral in this video) teamed up with Airborne Arms to see if they could turn a Glock 9mm handgun into a lionfish killing machine in 100 feet of water. Did it work?…read more here

What to Consider When Buying a Rifle Scope

One thing that always amazes me when I walk into a gun store is just how many rifles lack any sort of iron sights.

Metallic sights have been an integral part of rifles since rifling was invented, and yet in the last few decades we’ve seen fewer and fewer factory rifles equipped with iron sights. For me, this is perhaps the most powerful illustration of the effectiveness of riflescopes. Having spent innumerable hours behind riflescopes as a recreational shooter and as a Marine, I can confidently say that the modern riflescope is an excellent addition to almost any rifle, whether it is a dedicated paper-puncher, a seasonal hunting tool, or a military weapon…read more here

The Story Behind the M-1 Garand Rifle and the story of John C. Garand

“THE sharp crack of a rifle rang out, and another enemy bit the dust.”

It was, if you remember your dime novels, none other than Dead-shot Dick, the intrepid frontiersman. Surrounded and assailed on all sides by savages, renegades, and assorted varmints, he stood at bay. Again and again, he fired until the bodies of his enemies were heaped high about him.Then he strode off, lovingly patting the still warm barrel of his trusty long rifle which, though a flintlock, had performed like a machine gun…read more here 

Tested: Mossberg MVP-LC Bolt-Action Rifle

The ability to place rounds on distant targets with precision has always been appealing to me. Apparently I am not alone, as PRS and other long-range competitions are growing at rapid rates. The hardware developed for this sport is an amazing evolution of shooting technology. Mossberg is among several companies now offering a production bolt gun suitable for long-range shooting and competitions…read more here

The Top 12 Most Famous Shotguns

Writer Nash Buckingham’s “Bo Whoop”—named for the sound of its report—is an HE-grade Super Fox, made specifically for long-range shooting. Built in 1927, it weighs 9½ pounds and has 32-inch full-and-full barrels, specially bored to shoot 3-inch, 4-shot loads. Buckingham, a regular F&S contributor, used the gun for more than 20 years. On Dec. 1, 1948, however, he and friend had their licenses checked by a warden following a duck hunt…read more here

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