The Best SIG P232 Holster – 5 Great Holsters For The P232!


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Depring Concealed Carry Holster Carry Inside or Outside The Waistband for Right and Left Hand Draw Fits Subcompact to Large Handguns
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OutBags USA NSC22 (Right) Nylon OWB Outside Pants Carry Holster w/Mag Pouch. Family Owned & Operated. Made in USA
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Bianchi #100 Professional IWB, Tan, Right Hand, SZ9, Beretta M84B Cheeta, Bersa Thunder 380, Diamondback DB9, DB40, SIG P230, P232, Walther PP, PPK, PPK/s
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Badger Concealment Kydex Holster Compatible with Sig Sauer (P230/232)
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King Holster Shoulder Holster fits SIG SAUER P229 P232 P239 P365
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SIG P232 Overview

Before starting on what the best Sig P232 holster is, let’s take a look at the weapon itself first.

I love the look of the SIG P232. It sports a satin stainless steel finish that makes it shiny smooth and appealing. It also has Hogue finger grooves that perfectly fit my fingers. I do not like the grooves, and I’d rather replace them with polymer options as they look better.

If you’d like a different look, SIG Sauer offers a black Nitron finish steel slide or the black aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy option weighs less than 19 ounces, which makes it a better carry option.

The P232 is a petite pistol. It is not subcompact, but its length, height, and weight make it petite. It has the same specs as a Glock 19 in height, weight, and length, making it easy to conceal.

What Makes a SIG P232?

The SIG P232 is an improvement of the SIG P230. It is a semi-automatic handgun that you can carry as a backup pistol or a concealed carry option. It comes with a simple fixed barrel with a straight blow back configuration. Its magazine can hold 8+1 or 7+1 rounds.

Below are the gun specs:

• Caliber: .380 Auto, 32 ACP

• Barrel length: 3.6 inches

• Width (Thickness): 1.2 inches

• Length: 6.6 inches

• Width: 4.7 inches

Picking The Best Holster For SIG Sauer P232 Handguns

Thanks to the compact size of the P232, it conceals well with any style of holster you choose. I would even consider having it on an ankle strap as it won’t feel as uncomfortable as a larger pistol.

Shoulder holsters – These holsters are great to secure a small firearm such as a P232 under your armpits. This type of carry is great when you need to carry an extra magazine. They are more comfortable as your shoulders bear the weight of the firearm and not your small belt. If you use your P232 for self-defense, and you always have a bulky jacket on, you can have this kind of a holster.

Inside the Waistband Holsters (IWB) – The grip of your SIG P232 is above your waistband while the rest of the gun is beneath the waistband, and this makes it easy to conceal. When shopping for an IWB holster, you need to pick one that feels comfortable for you. For starters, a full-size soft backing ensures the P232 doesn’t come in contact with your body, especially if you only have an untucked shirt on.

Another variation of this holster is the appendix holster, which you place near the belt buckle above your groin area. The small size of the p232 ensures that you can keep it concealed below the torso. Unlike large pistols, the P232 doesn’t feel as uncomfortable when holstered at the appendix. This can be a good option when you need a natural draw. However, this only works when you do not sit a lot during the day.

Outside the Waistband Holster (OWB) – These are more comfortable than the IWB holsters, but they are less concealable. Because your SIG P232 is 1.25 inches wide, it doesn’t conceal well unless you have a heavy jacket on. Even with an untucked shirt on, the gun might still show, and this is not ideal for a concealed carry. Unlike IWB, OWB holsters are easier to draw from as the grip of the gun is outside the belt and within reach. You can place the holster between four and five o’clock – the normal position – or you can place it at the small of your back. Some appendix carry holsters are OWB.

Pocket Holsters – If you have large pockets in your jacket, a pocket holster will work well for your SIG P232. Because the gun is compact, it fits well in large pockets with the right holster. The challenge with these holsters is that they are not easy to draw from as drawing it involves two steps – get the gun with its holster from the pocket and then draw the gun from the holster. You can only use these holsters when you are going for hunting or at the range.

A variation of this holster attaches to any part of your body or to the clothing you wear. With the reduced weight of the SIG P232, the sticky side of the holster holds on to your clothes. Most have an elastic passive retention so that you can draw your pistol fast. These are better as you can attach them where they offer you a natural draw.

Ankle Holsters – I do not like ankle holsters as they do not feel comfortable. If you are carrying your SIG P232 as a backup gun, you can have an ankle holster as it is a compact pistol. This holster straps to your ankle with the gun on the outer side of your leg. Note that these holsters make it challenging to draw your P232. However, if you carry your P232 as a secondary weapon, you can have this kind of a holster.

Torso Strap – Thanks to the compact size of the SIG P232, it fits perfectly on a torso strap. With this strap, you can move the holster to either side of the torso where the strap lies. With this strap, you get a natural draw with your P232 whether you are right or left handed.

So, which style should you go for? For starters, consider how you will use your gun and what you will be doing every day. If you will be walking all day, avoid ankle holsters. If you will sit most of the day, avoid appendix holsters, IWB, and at-the-back OWB holsters. Choose what feels comfortable for you, depending on what you will be doing every day.

Top Holster Picks

Depring Concealed Carry Holster – Best Overall Holster

Depring Concealed Carry Holster Carry Inside or Outside The Waistband for Right and Left Hand Draw Fits Subcompact to Large Handguns

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Depring is a nylon holster whose metal clips you can shift from one side to the next. This allows the unit to be used as an OWB or IWB unit, whichever you prefer. It also offers universal fit, which means that besides your SIG P232, it can fit other guns as well. It is also ambidextrous, which means both left and right handed users can use the holster. All you need to do is change the metal clip and the unit is good for use.

It sports high quality 800 Denier nylon that does not tear even after using it for years. The double stitching ensures the seams do not gap for years. It comes with simple elastic retention straps that have a strong metal clip. The clip opens and closes with ease. The clip is designed strong enough so that it doesn’t come off when you are carrying the gun.

This metal clip can fit belts up to two inches wide. Besides the clip, the unit has a built-in elastic slot fitted with a hook and a loop that act as a retaining loop for an extra magazine.

Besides the retention and magazine straps, the unit comes with two 63-inch mounting straps, each one inch wide. These straps come in handy when you need to strap your gun anywhere in your car. The straps sport two slide adjusters to ensure that the holster does not slide when you tighten it on your car’s seat. When you are not carrying, you can use the strap mounts to retain the gun anywhere in your office or your house, including under a seat.

It fits all compact units as it does sub compact units, making it easy for them to carry. Your SIG 232 will, therefore, fit comfortably in the holster. The retention clips open fast when you need to draw your gun fast. Again, since you can mount it inside or outside your waistband, and you can also have it at the appendix, it is easy to achieve a natural draw.

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Outbags USA NSC22 Nylon OWB Holster

OutBags USA NSC22 (Right) Nylon OWB Outside Pants Carry Holster w/Mag Pouch. Family Owned & Operated. Made in USA

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This is another nylon holster. It sports 600 Denier Nylon that will withstand rugged use at the range or in the wilderness. It is a right-side holster for use by left-handed gun owners. Besides the normal holster pouch, it comes with a magazine pouch that can carry one magazine with ease.

For retention, the unit offers a fully adjustable elastic thumb break that holds your gun securely at all times. The retention strap has a strong metal clip that you can use to hold your gun securely. The steel belt clip snaps into position with ease, and it fits belts up to two inches.

If you are right handed, you need to choose a holster for right handed shooters when shopping. The holster doesn’t take the shape of any gun. As such, you can use it for your SIG P232 or any other compact pistol you may have. Inside, the holster has a soft lining that protects the gun’s outer finish. The material of this lining will vary from one holster to the next.

The belt clip on this unit is removable, and this allows you to clean your holster without the metallic part. This clip accommodates belts up to two inches wide. Besides the clip, it sports belt loops that you can attach on both sides of the holster. These loops also fit belts up to two inches. You also get a mag pouch with a Velcro strap that will fit all magazines five inches and shorter.

The holster has a length of 6.75 inches, which slightly covers the grip of your P232. However, the bulk of the grip remains outside, making the draw easy. At the widest part, the holster is 3.5 inches, which succinctly accommodates you P232. Although the holster is not molded to the shape of the gun, it holds it tightly for good retention while enhancing a smooth draw. Outbags claims that there are 21 sizes of the same holster to ensure that your gun gets a semi-custom fit.

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Bianchi 100 Hip Holster – Best Value for Money

Bianchi #100 Professional IWB, Tan, Right Hand, SZ9, Beretta M84B Cheeta, Bersa Thunder 380, Diamondback DB9, DB40, SIG P230, P232, Walther PP, PPK, PPK/s

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The Bianchi 100 Hip Holster sports a brown leather construction that is long lasting. It doesn’t take the shape of any pistol, which makes it versatile for use with different compact pistols. According to the manufacturer, you can use it with any compact pistol from SIG Sauer, Berretta, and Smith & Wesson among others. You can use it for any pistol that falls between nine and .380. The leather is treated to make it even longer lasting when you need it.

The strong stitching and the premium quality leather gives the holster a long life. It sports a simple construction with the backing, the front side with the clip, and no way to adjust retention. You only need to push your gun in and the holster holds it tightly. It is meant for deep concealment.

It has a high-back design that protects your torso from the roughness of the handle of the gun. Inside, the holster sports non-slip suede that enhances the retention. It is highly stable whether you use it to carry your gun to the shooting range, to the wilderness, or you carry your weapon for self-defense.

The belt clip sports a heavy duty steel construction that offers security you can rely on. This clip can fit belts up to 1.75 inches. You can choose between tan and black colors for your holster.

This holster offers passive retention without a thumb break. This makes it easy to draw from. The only challenge is that there is no way to adjust the retention, and you just need to push the gun in until you feel that the gun is securely held.

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Badger Concealment Kydex Holster for SIG Sauer – Most Affordable

Badger Concealment Kydex Holster Compatible with Sig Sauer (P230/232)

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This is a tough Kydex holster designed specially for SIG Sauer pistols. The unit molds to the shape of the pistol, which offers a perfect fit when you need it. It is an IWB holster that offers perfect concealability when you need it to.

The kydex holster offers adjustable retention screws to fit any SIG Sauer compact pistol that you may have. Adjusting is as easy as adjusting a few screws without the need for any tools. The metal clip is also adjustable to offer perfect security when you need it. This clip can accommodate up to 1.5-inch belt.

It is a great option for concealability, one that you can use at any time. The only thing I do not like is the short backing that makes the grip of the gun rub against your torso. Without the thumb break retention, the gun is easy to draw as all you need to do is pull it out.

Inside the holster is a sweat guard that protects the gun and makes it easier for you to re-holster. The simple design reduces the bulk that comes with a host of features. Better yet, I like that the holster is only three ounces, so it doesn’t add to the weight of the gun.

Badger Concealment uses high quality Kydex to last long. The material can withstand rugged use in the wilderness. Its rough outer texture with patterns makes it easy to handle when you are holstering and reholstering. The patterns make it look good at all times.

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King Holster Shoulder Holster

King Holster Shoulder Holster fits SIG SAUER P229 P232 P239 P365

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This is a comfortable SIG P232 shoulder holster. It has a gun holster for SIG Sauer models and a pouch on the other side. The pouch can fit a single or a double mag. It is available for left and right hand users. If you pick the right hand option, the hand rig accompanies it by default. If you pick the left hand option, you need to request the hand rig from the manufacturer.

It is a great option for hunters, hikers, and other gun lovers who love outdoor activities. The nylon material is highly comfortable and durable and comes with high quality stitching.

It sports a durable nylon construction that makes it durable and easy to use. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so they can fit your size succinctly. This way, you do not have to walk around with an uncomfortable strap around your shoulders.

For retention, the holster offers a retention belt strap with an easy to use clip that keeps your gun secure. If you adjust the holster right, it offers a natural draw.

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Wrapping Up

The SIG P232 holster you pick should offer you the best fit and feel comfortable when you clip it on your belt. Depending on your budget, you can pick any of the holsters above. Kydex options are more affordable than leather while nylon options are more comfortable. When shopping, pick one that offers you great versatility, especially when you have more than one gun.