The Best Ruger LC9 Holster – Top Holsters To Consider


Ruger LC9

The Ruger LC9 is a great gun, but what case types are appropriate for it? To be able to answer that question we should first understand how big the gun is and we want to carry it. That will allow us to figure out which holster is the best Ruger LC9 holster.

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Ruger LC9 has the following measurements:

  • Length: 6 in (152 mm)
  • Barrel Length: 3.12 in (79 mm)
  • Width: 0.9 in (23 mm)
  • Height: 4.5 in (110 mm)
  • Weight: 17.1 oz (480 g)

It is apparent that the Ruger LC9 can is a small to medium sized pistol. Because of its small size and weight, when looking for a Ruger LC9 holster a user can choose from a full range of products; from pocket options, over the waistband (OWB), ankle, shoulder and inside the waistband (IWB) products.

Weapon use:

The Ruger LC9 has been manufactured specifically for discreet carry by US citizens concerned with self-defense, although it has become a favourite ‘backup gun’ for off-duty law enforcement officers as well. Concealment is high on the agenda for most civilians, especially now where the law in most US states require a gun carrier to keep their weapon concealed at all times.

Since these pistols are quite small, concealment is easy and can be accomplished with most types of gun carrier. Ankle carriers are particularly popular for small guns.

Keep in mind though; speed of draw is hampered as you need to bend down to get your pistol. When it comes to ease of draw, opt for pocket, OWB holsters IWB carriers.


After we have figured out which cases types would be appropriate for the Ruger LC9, we can have a closer look at 5 great options.

Outbags OB-30SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun with Mag Pouch

This OWB Ruger LC9 holster is made from 600 denier nylon, and boasts a fully adjustable thumb break which allows you to draw your gun fast whilst keeping it secure, a removable belt clip for mounting to a belt or waistband, as well as a belt loop for a more secure and permanent mount to belt. There is also a handy magazine pouch so you can carry an extra magazine, and this comes in left and right hand versions.

This is a budget Ruger LC9 holster (the cheapest on our list) and yet there are many aspects to laud it for. The Velcro retention strap is adjustable for length and angle, as well as whether it falls on the grip or the striker/hammer. The thumb snap can also be moved from the side to the top. In addition, this features the Outbags ‘Webbed Spine’ which allows each  to shape itself to its user, creating a comfortable, personalized fit.

For such an inexpensive pick, Outbags have done well when it comes to making this customizable to each user. Regarding fitting the Ruger LC9, it’s a little on the big side as this has been designed to fit a number of other pistols (such as the Ruger SR9c (which is a little longer and wider), but the Velcro strap makes up for this by holding the Ruger LC9 securely in the case. Drawing the weapon is also simple and fast.

The main drawbacks to this Ruger LC9 holster option are concealability. OWBs are usually less concealable then IWBs anyway, but this option is very visible on the hip and would take quite a heavy jacket to conceal. This would be an ideal one for hiking or out on the range. Also, there are worries about workmanship, with many users claiming that the stitching comes undone rather easily, as well as the thumb snap becoming loose after repeated use. However, this is to be expected for such a budget option and, as it’s fairly inexpensive, it is easily replaceable.

Desantis Superfly

Desantis Super fly Holster Fits LC9/XDS, 3.3-Inch, Black

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This is a pocket Ruger LC9 holster and, as such, can be used by left and right-hand users alike. It is made from a sticky rubberized fabric on the outside, which essentially allows it to stick to the lining of a pocket. On the other hand, the inside is made from a slick pack cloth, which means your pistol can be drawn out with practically zero friction.

All of this allows you to draw your weapon fast, whilst making sure the carrier stays put inside your pockets and does not come out with the weapon (in a self-defense situation, you do not want to spend vital seconds removing a holster from the end of your gun).

An extra feature on this pocket Ruger LC9 holster is a removable and reversible outer flap. Although this does add further bulk to the case (and therefore will make your pocket look bulkier) this flap effectively disguises the pocket carrier so it looks like a large wallet. So even if it ‘prints’ through your clothing, it does not look like a gun, but a wallet.

Regarding fit, this pick fits the Ruger LC9 like a glove and many users have said this one is extremely comfortable to wear. The main drawback is that practice is needed when drawing your weapon. Some users have reported that the sticky outside layer is ‘too good’ with users finding their pockets are turned inside out when drawing their pistol. Some users have also said that it fits the LC9 so snugly that there is too much tension when drawing. However, in general, this is a fantastic mid-priced Ruger LC9 holster that really does conceal your pistol very effectively, and many users choose this pocket carrier as their everyday choice.

Ruger LC9 Hip Holster with Magazine Pouch

Federal Ruger LC9, LC9s, EC9s & LC380 Hip Holster with Magazine Pouch

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This IWB Ruger LC9 holster (although can be also worn as an OWB) is made from nylon (tough, nylon exterior that guards your gun against moisture, scuffs and abrasion) with a smooth nylon lining on the inside. A major selling point for his caseis the workmanship. This one is stitched using nylon thread and there are 14 stiches per inch to ensure this option does not fall apart over time. What’s more, the edges are bound by nylon tape to give extra reinforcement. This takes a lot of abuse and will still last the test of time

Another selling point is that this can be used as a clip on as well as a belt loop carrier. It can be clipped to the left or the right making it ambidextrous. Having one case that can simply be clipped on is extremely convenient as it can be removed very quickly and does not involve taking off your belt. Also, it boasts a reinforced thumb break that is actually positioned across the hammer instead of the grip, which allows for a very natural feel when drawing. Add to that the built-in magazine pouch and the makers of this option have really gone out of their way to ensure it fits a lot of user’s requirements.

Fit for the Ruger LC9 is perfect and this one is very comfortable to wear, with many users stating that they can barely feel it, even when worn all day. There are concerns with the thumb break strap, however, as it is attached using Velcro instead of being stitched on. Now, the makers had to do this as the thumb break needs the ability to be adjusted so it can be used by left and ride hand users, but some users have felt that the makers should have simply designed a left-hand version and a right-hand version which would have meant that these carriers have a much more secure sewn-in thumb break.

Also, the metal clip causes concern as it seems to slide out of place and some users have even found the case falls to the ground when drawing their gun. This is not ideal in a self-defense situation as this can be a fatal distraction. Again, this clip is designed to be moved to either the left or right-hand side in keeping with the ambidextrous nature of this product, and it may have been a better idea for the makers to simply create a left and right-hand version with clips that remain on one side and holds it more securely.

Concealability and comfort are fantastic, as the inner foam not only conceals the shape of the pistol, but makes the gun very comfortable to have against your body. Draw is fast and smooth, apart from the distraction of possibly having your case fall to the ground when clipped on. This can be avoided by not using the clip and using the belt loops for a more permanent mount to belt.

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DeSantis Kahr/Taurus/Keltec Sof-Tuck

Sof-Tuck Inside The Pant Holster, Fits Glock 43, Kahr PM9/40, Right Hand, Tan Leather

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This IWB option is made from tan leather and no-slip suede, and comes in right and left hand versions. It is not actually designed for the Ruger LC9, but was made for the Kahr PM9/40 or the Keltec P11. Despite this, it fits the Ruger LC9 perfectly, and many LC9 owners rate this product.

One of the key features of this Ruger LC9 holster option is that it has an adjustable cant, which allows for lots of versatility to get it exactly where you want it so it suits different clothing combinations. It can be worn strong side, cross side as well as in the small of your back. There is no thumb break which means lightning-fast draw, without compromising safety as the belt tension creates enough retention to keep your pistol in the holster securely.

It sits low on the waistband and rides very close to the body, making this one of the most concealable holsters on our list, with most users stating the even just a shorts and t-shirt combination is enough to conceal, perfect for hot seasons and climates.

The only criticism for this Ruger LC9 holster option is that the leather band around the top of it is a bit thick and can add about half an inch to your hips, depending on your chosen cant. Despite this, it is still incredibly concealable. Another thing is that this product does require you to use a belt with it. Despite the fact that it comes with a clip, it cannot be clipped directly to the waistband. Having said that though, the makers do not claim that this one should be clipped to waistband directly so this cannot be seen as a criticism.

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Desantis Mini Scabbard for Ruger LC9 Gun with Lasermax, Right Hand

2000912 DeSantis RH black Mini Scabbard Holster-Ruger LC9 W/LaserMax

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This is an OWB Ruger LC9 holster that is designed purely for the Ruger LC9. As it is made from leather, the LC9 may appear a little too big for it at first, but all leather carrier need time to relax and form itself to the gun it is holding. We recommend putting your pistol into a zip-lock bag or sock, putting it in the case and leaving it in there for a day or two to allow the leather to stretch. Also, practicing drawing and holstering will also stretch the leather and create just the right amount of tension that will keep the pistol securely in it, whilst not becoming detrimental to draw speed. There is also an adjustment screw to help you get the right balance.

The main draw of this Ruger LC9 holster is that it has been designed to be as small as possible, which makes it extremely comfortable as wear, as well as no ‘extra’ material that covers the gun, which allows you to have a secure grip. It can accommodate belt sizes of up to 1 and a ½ inches. The small size also makes this holster very concealable, and there is minimal printing through clothes.

The only drawback is that this holster is about half an inch longer than the barrel of the LC9, which is because it is designed to be used with Lasermax. Keep this in mind, if you don’t want to use Lasermax. This does not really compromise concealability, however. This is our most expensive Ruger LC9 holster on this list.

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After looking at the 5 best Ruger LC9 holster options, we should compare them to each other to determine which option would be the best choice.

The Outbags OB-30SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun with Mag Pouch is made from 600 denier, and has a webbed spine which adjusts to the angle of your body, creating a comfortable wear. As it is made for a number of different pistols, it is a little too big for the small Ruger LC9, however there are no worries regarding retention due to the Velcro strap. The main issue with this is that it is simply far too bulky and not for concealed wear. Considering that many people buy the LC9 because it is so thin and light (and therefore ideal to carry for concealed carry purposes) this is not an ideal one. However, if your main reasons for carrying an LC9 is for the range or in the great outdoors, this a good budget carrier (the cheapest on our list.)

The Desantis Superfly is made from rubberized fabric and slick pack cloth, and is very comfort bale to wear as it simply slips into a pocket. Unless you have very large pockets, this one is not concealable in the sense that you can’t see it at all. But bear in mind, concealability does not always have to come in the form of ‘invisible’. Disguising a product so it looks like something else (in this case, a wallet) can be a very effective form of concealment, and this is exactly what this belt does. It fits the LC9 perfectly. However, there have been reports of the pocket lining being turned inside out when drawing, which can be an unwelcome distraction in self-defense situations, although actual draw is very fast due to the slick lining.

The Ruger LC9 Hip holster with Magazine Pouch is made from nylon, and as it is designed purely for the LC9, it is a perfect fit. It is very comfortable to wear, and the unique aspect of having the thumb break across the hammer instead of the grip makes for a fast and natural draw. It’s a shame that the makers simply did not create left and right hand versions and went for the ambidextrous option, as there are real concerns when using this carrier with the clip. It can fall clean off onto the ground, a possibly fatal distraction in self-defeself-defensens. This can be avoided by mounting to belt using the belt loops.

The DeSantis Kahr/Taurus/Keltec Sof-Tuck  is made from tan leather and suede, and is possibly the most comfortable selection on this list. Despite not even being designed for the LC9, it is a perfect fit and offerthe s lightning fast draw. The only slight criticism is that the leather band across the top could have been designed to be thinner, but it still remains one of the most concealable holsters on our list.

The Desantis Mini Scabbard for Ruger LC9 Gun with Lasermax is made from leather, and is extremely comfortable and concealable due to being such a paired down carrier. Draw is fast, once you have allowed some time for the leather to stretch. As it has been designed specifically for the LC9, it is a perfect fit, so long as you are using Lasermax. Please keep this in mind as this is slightly too big when used without Lasermax.

Which option would we choose?

Normally, you get what you pay for. However, we were quite surprised here as our most expensive Ruger LC9 holster option (the Desantis Mini Scabbard for Ruger LC9 Gun with Lasermax) has been beaten to second place by a case that is less than half of its price!

In our opinion, the best holster for Ruger LC9 handguns is the fantastic DeSantis Kahr/Taurus/Keltec Sof-Tuck Holster. The comfort and concealability is unsurpassed, with many users simply wearing a t-shirt and shorts to conceal their pistol. Yes, you do need a belt, but we’ve already seen how other Ruger LC9 holster options on this list that boast the ‘no need for a belt, just use our clip’ option have serious concerns regarding the product staying put. For once, saving some money and getting a more budget option is actually the smartest option.