The Top 10 Ruger GP100 Holster Options For Your Ruger GP100

Are you shopping around for a holster to fit your GP100? Well, you arrived at the right place for an answer on which holster is the best holster for a GP100! In the table below we list 10 awesome holsters that you can consider for your gun. We also look into finer detail at 5 of the holsters to understand how well made the holsters are, how affordable they are and how comfortable they are to wear!

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Ruger GP100

Ruger GP100 holster

When choosing a holster for your GP100, there are a few key considerations you need to keep in mind in order to choose the right holster. Firearms can be different when it comes to functionality, weight and size.

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Ruger GP100 has the following measurements:

  • Length: 8.5″/9.5"/11.5"
  • Barrel Length: 3″/4.2"/6"
  • Weight: 36 oz to 45 oz

From the above dimensions, you can see that the Ruger GP100 comes in various sizes. As such the particular variant of the GP100 that you use will determine the type of holster that you pick.


Below we look at 5 holster that fit the Ruger GP100 that are available on Amazon. We look at the materials that the holsters are made from, the comfort of how it is worn, how it fits the Ruger GP100, and how easy it is to draw your weapon from the holster.


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If you're looking for a sturdy, no frills holster, this Fobus model certainly fits the bill. Like other holsters produced under the Fobus brand, this one needs no oiling to maintain it. A standard cleaning with water and mild soap fits the bill. This "wash and wear" approach also works well for extensive out of doors wearing.

The holster holds up well with minimal maintenance even when exposed to severe elements. Sturdy construction is part of this holster's overall design as well. It has a steel rivet attachment system, which means that firearms stay where they're wanted once they've been holstered. Designed for right hand use, this holster attaches with a rubberized paddle, and has a low profile draw.

The holster is intended for casual wearing and use, as at a firing range, and is not a "working" holster. Given the weight of the GP100, this product is a good Ruger GP100 holster choice and is a good financial find as well. This holster fits the Ruger GP100 4 inch.


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This sleek, contoured holster is a good choice for several other Ruger models and similar firearm types in addition to being an excellent choice for a Ruger GP100. This model is produced by Bianchi, an Italian company with a reputation for producing superior sporting goods.

This holster rides high and close on the body, and is hand boned for a more comfortable wear. In addition to this holster's close fit, it offers users a internal thumb snap that helps to create further firearm retention. This holster offers both left and right hand shooter options, both retailing at around fifty dollars. This holster is a good choice for quick draw situations, making it a good tactical choice.

Maintenance in the form of oiling, etc. is not recommended for this holster, although it may need some stretching before use to allow for rapid firearm removal.


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This pancake style model works very well as a Ruger GP100 holster, and works well for a number of other models within the Ruger series, specifically those with a 4" barrel. Maintenance requirements are minor. Its initial fit can be snug, but users have gotten around this by using "ironing" techniques such as placing it under weights, or steaming it. Users should be warned that this holster's leather is not especially supple, and other stretching techniques like conditioning or paper stuffing aren't especially effective with it.

This holster comes with several belt slots, meaning that it can be worn at different angles. Overall fit is snug and close to the body, making this holster a good choice for concealed wear, even with larger handguns, like the Ruger. This holster retails at around fifty dollars, and is one of the more popular Ruger holsters available.


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Bianchi designed this product for use as a Ruger GP100 holster, but it can certainly be used with similar handguns, such as the Colt Python. Like other Bianchi products, this a sleekly designed, contoured holster, that works well for close body wearing and quick drawing, making it another good tactical holster.

It also is high riding and has a quick snap thumb release, in addition to a couple of belt wearing options that give users of this holster the option of wearing it on the right hip, or on the left, which enables cross drawing. This particular model is limited to right hand use, although Bianchi produces a left hand version of this holster as well. Like other Bianchi products, this holster retails at around fifty dollars.

This is a holster best used indoors or out of doors under limited circumstances. Its lack of a safety strap for a handgun's rear sight means that this model is probably best not used in more rugged terrains for safety reasons.


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This pancake style product makes not only a good "no frills" holster, but is effective for similar handgun models produced by Colt and Smith & Wesson. This holster's leather is of good quality, but is stiff, and this can affect the cant of holstered firearms.

While the overall quality of this holster is good, it is not especially comfortable for all-day wearing. This holster is low profile in design and fits the body well, making it a good choice for concealed wear. It also distributes weight nicely, making it a good choice for large, heavy handguns like the Ruger. This particular holster is limited to right hand use, and generally retails for around forty dollars.


When considering any of these products as a Ruger GP100 holster, all of them have their pros and cons. So let's take a look at each product individually. The Fobus-Standard-Holster-Paddle-RUGP holster gets high marks for its construction, its virtually nil maintenance needs, and its very affordable price. It should be noted that some users have had issues with this holster's less than snug fit, although adjustments can be made to accommodate this. However, this is a holster with little practical use outside of transporting a handgun from point A to point B, or using it in controlled environments, such as target shooting. This is not the holster to use if you want to carry concealed. Users are limited to a right hand product with this model. Because the design of this holster does not allow for quick drawing, this Fobus also does not make a practical "working" holster, either for demonstration or tactical purposes.

The Italian sporting goods company Bianchi offers consumers a couple of options here, the Bianchi-Thumbsnap-Holster-Ruger-GP100 and the Bianchi-Cyclone-Holster-Python-Right holsters. The contoured fit of both of these products makes for a holster that works well for concealed carry and tactical use. Both of these holsters offer right and left hand options at comparable prices. It should be noted that some safety concerns have been raised concerning the lack of a safety strap for the Bianchi Cyclone's rear sight. Because of this, the holster shouldn't be worn in certain outdoor situations such as heavy brush, etc. Some users report initial stiffness in removing and replacing handguns in the holster, but this can easily be mitigated. The biggest deterrent towards these holsters seems to be in their prices. However, given the quality of the leather used, the lack of needed maintenance, and the products' overall durability, (if unabused, Bianchi holsters last for decades) these holsters tend to pay for themselves, if users plan to hang onto them for awhile.

If users are looking for a "no-frills" but sturdy and comfortable holster, then the Gould-Goodrich-803-94-Chestnut-Security holster might be for them. There are prettier holsters out there, but this one is not lacking in construction quality. Its biggest issues seem to deal with wear. Gould/Goodrich uses a stiffer type of leather than with other holster types described here. Users will find it more difficult to stretch, although "steaming" it for those who have the time seems to get results. The holster fits well against the body, and is comfortable for extended concealed wear. Also on the plus side, handguns have more angle riding options with this holster than the others described here. This is one of the more expensive holsters described here made by an American company, but it seems to have little impact on this model's popularity.

The Safariland-Pancake-Holster-Black-Right holster is the least expensive "all purpose" model described here, and it's also the least comfortable of these holsters to wear, digging into the skin if worn for extended periods. Like the Gould described here, its stiffer leather makes for more difficult stretching, and can limit the gun's cant when worn. On the other hand, this is a durable, close fitting, well balanced holster, making it useful for limited tactical use.

Which holster would you choose for your Ruger GP100?

When considering factors ranging from ease and range of use, to safety, to comfort, we believe that the winner for best Ruger GP100 holster is the Bianchi-Thumbsnap-Holster-Ruger-GP100. This is a durable, well-made holster that can be used comfortably and safely in a variety of situations. If used and cared for properly, this holster is not just a holster, but an heirloom that can be enjoyed by generations of gun enthusiasts.


What do you think of the Ruger GP100 holster options we covered? Do you think there are better holsters for the Ruger GP100 out there that we did not list? If so, send us a message and tell us what holster you think is the ultimate Ruger GP100!

We hope you find the best Ruger GP100 holster for your needs! If you have any thoughts on the topic of holster options, we would love to hear it. So please, share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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