There are many sites out there that are useful, but also a lot that are less so. So to help our readers find the best resources available out on the Internet, we list some of our favorite websites below.

Handgun & Rifle Ballistic Charts | Ballistics 101
Product reviews, education and complete ammunition ballistics charts. Compare ammunition from all manufacturers on one easy chart, sorted by caliber.

Ben Branam With Modern Self Protection

Modern Self Protection is a web site and Podcast designed for every-day people to learn how to defend themselves.  Most content is designed to be used today to make your life safer.  Ben uses his knowledge gained from military, law enforcement, and anti-terrorism work from around the world to teach you to protect yourself.


Covert Carrier

If you plan to carry concealed, check out the product range from Covert Carrier. They offer a product range that is specifically designed around concealed carry. Products include fastners, universal sleeves and grip panel replacements