Welcome to the Useful Guide and Know How section of this site. Our goals for this site is to promote responsible gun owner ship, help to debunk myths and untruths about guns as well as gun owners, but also to provide helpful information to gun owners/gun enthusiasts in order to help folks become better gun owners.

And that is where this section of the site comes in. Here we will cover topics that include gun safety, tips for improving your aim, “how to” guides (such as how to break in a holster or how to blue a gun) as well as tips on how to find the right NRA courses to fit your level of experience and needs.

Gun Safety

Gun safety is a topic that is one of the drivers for us here at SmokingBarrelUSA.com. We want to give information on how to stay safe at the gun range, as well as how to keep those around you safe. We will cover how secure your weapon in a secure safe when it is not being used. We will also cover the basic rules of gun safety that everyone should make a part of their gun behaviour.

Tips and Tricks

To help become a better and more effective shooter, we will list some practical tips that you can do to improve your aim and hit the target at a much better success rate!

Besides giving you practical tips to improving your aim and shooting technique, we will also cover how to go out and find a pistol course presented by professionals, so that you can get the expert assistance you might need to go to the next level of becoming an expert shooter.

How-To Guides

We love how-to guides! And we share with you the guides on how to do certain things that helps make your life easier as a gun owner. These guides will include how to break in a leather holster properly so that you do not ruin that expensive new holster, as well as how to blue a gun like a pro!

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