What Is The Top Kahr PM9 Holster? We Pick Our Choice!

Kahr PM9

kahr pm9 holster

When choosing a Kahr PM9 holster, you need to keep in mind the functionality, weight and size of your pistol. The pistol, and how you plan to carry it, is the deciding factor to picking the holster that is best suited for your needs.

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Kahr PM9 has the following measurements:

  • Length: 5.42″
  • Barrel Length: 3″
  • Width: 0.9″
  • Height: 4″
  • Weight: 14 oz

When you look at the dimensions listed for the Kahr PM9, it is clear that the PM9 is a small sized handgun, which will be ideal for concealed carry. The holster options that will be generally available for this handgun will include inside the waistband (IWB) holsters, shoulder holster and ankle holsters.


Now that we know what holster types would be appropriate for the PM9, we can take a detailed look at five solid holster options below.

Black Arch Holsters ACE-1 Gen 2 (Hybrid Holster)

The Black Arch ACE holsters are, according to the company, precision moulded and built by hand. In our opinion, the new ACE-1 Gen 2 certainly reflects that statement, in that it is one of the most comfortable and complete holsters we’ve come across, and it’s a perfect fit as a Kahr PM9 holster. They’ve taken extra care in perfecting the retention and adjustability aspects, and have also ensured a tight, comfortable fit. It is virtually unnoticeable when secured, and even on a smaller built person, it remains discreet and snug.

Price wise, it comes in significantly cheaper than most competitors. The Kevlar stitching and high quality leather gives it a very sophisticated look, and reflects what a quality product this clearly is. Besides being an ideal Kahr PM9 holster, it is also available for over 200 various handguns, and is also available for both left hand and right hand holster preferences. We couldn’t find any detractors regarding this holster, and considering the price, comfort and quality finishes, this is highly recommended as a holster for the Kahr PM9.

Super Fly Pocket Holster, Ambidextrous, Black

The first thing we noticed about the Super Fly was the sticky rubberized fabric, which is apparently unique to the brand. It’s extremely viscous and provides great hold. It will come out of your pocket easily when you need to put the gun back in, but doesn't come out when you draw the weapon. It also has a removable, reversible outer flap which disguises the firearm extremely well. We can certainly verify that this holster will absolutely not move out of position in your pocket when used as a Kahr PM9 holster.

This is a near perfect holster for the Kahr PM9 and is well made, with heavy stitching and good texture. It completely concealed our Kahr PM9, and the adjustable flap makes sure that the outline of the firearm cannot be seen, giving only the impression of a wallet or similar shaped item being carried in the pocket. Wearing cargo pants or loose fitting jeans, this holster fits perfectly and allowed us to carry without being obvious. Anyone who favours the slightly tighter or skinnier trouser types might find that the adjustable flap does cause bulkiness though.

Sliding your hand in your pocket will slip in between the flap and the holster, and the trigger guard is completely covered by the holster to keep your hand off the trigger. When you draw the weapon, the holster is held in your pocket by the tab on the bottom. All in all, this is a great Kahr PM9 holster, and we highly recommend it.

Galco Ankle Lite (Ankle Holster)

Ankle holsters are not for everyone, and it is certainly one of the least popular holster types. The Ankle Lite holster uses a wide Neoprene ankle band and Velcro closure, with Center Cut Steer Hide, which certainly makes for a very secure fit around the ankle.

The sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle adds a very welcome comfort factor, and the speed of the draw is incredible due to a reinforced thumb break retention strap. It is also very easy to adjust the tightness around the leg. It is important to note, however, that you definitely want to get the calf strap, which is an optional extra. Without the calf strap, the holster begins to slide down the leg as you are walking around and puts pressure on the ankle bone as well as cause the holster to ride on the top of your shoe or boot. It will stay up an inch or so off your ankle for a while, but over time it will ride down.

We started it on the top of our shoes, and made sure to wear longer pants to conceal it, which works to cause it to go unnoticed. With the calf strap attached, however, the holster doesn’t shift, even when wearing it on the inside of the ankle and performing various physical activities, including riding a motorcycle. This is the perfect ankle Kahr PM9 holster, but only with optional extra calf strap, which does add to the cost, and in our view, should come as standard.

Foxx Holsters Waistband Hybrid Holster (Concealed Carry Gun Holster)

This holster is designed for ‘in the waistband’ concealed carry (IWB). The Black Spring Steel Belt clips can be adjusted for height and cant, which makes it extremely versatile and fully adjustable. As a Kahr PM9 holster, we found that the body shield covers the slide of the pistol very well, with no sights or corners poking in the side. The holster is also cut to allow you to get a solid grip on the Kahr PM9. The clips can be pulled away slightly from the holster to allow you to tuck in a shirt, which we found to be a very useful feature. The fit, form, and function are great. It is also comfortable when sitting down.

We found that wearing it at the 3 o'clock position is great when walking or standing most of the day, and wearing it closer to the 4 o'clock position is better when driving or in the sitting position. The retention is very strong, but still allows for an easy draw and reholster. We did find that the inner lip of the leather is a bit harsh on the skin, and when the front clip is at the top position, it extends slightly past the leather, and has a tendency to pinch the skin.

This is an acceptable holster option, but bearing in mind one or two comfort issues, there are certainly better options available.

Galco Stinger Belt Holster

The Galco Stinger is a simple belt slide holster, and we found it to be very lightweight and a fantastic holster. The smooth finish not only looks good, but also allows clothing to drape over without hanging up and sticking onto the holster. It features a classic belt slide and can fit belts up to 1-1/2 inches wide. Some thinner belt wearers might prefer the stability and firmness that comes with fitting it onto a thicker belt, and we certainly felt that the thicker the belt, the firmer the fit. Either way, the thin leather of the Stinger took up virtually no space behind or around our belts.

The Stinger’s open top design afforded easy, one-handed drawing and re-holstering of our Kahr PM9, definitely the most effortless draw of all the holsters reviewed here. The Stinger did hold the Kahr PM9 at a slightly forward cant, which, while handy for a fast draw, may be unnecessary for a small firearm such as the Kahr PM9, which can function just as well with a straight drop holster. Galco also make the stinger for other handguns, including larger pistols though, so the forward cant is understandable. With great looks, and a very reasonable price, we can highly recommend the Stinger holster.

Which holster would we choose?

Seeing that these five holsters are all very different in terms of the functionality and usage, choosing one favourite is not an easy task. Necessity dictates the form and function needed, and these five holsters all have different benefits as holster options for the Kahr PM9.

The Black Arch Holsters’ ACE-1 Gen 2 Hybrid is an extremely versatile and comfortable Kahr PM9 holster though, and also includes some of the most beautiful finishes we’ve come across. It ticks pretty much every box we have, and if we were forced to choose one, this would be it.


If you have to pick a holster from the list of holsters above, which would you pick and why? Or have you perhaps already used any if the holsters listed before? If you have some thoughts that you would like to share, please feel free to comment in the comments section below!