How To Use A Tactical Pen To Defend Yourself

Many people will, rightly so, wonder what exactly makes a pen “tactical”? With anything and everything being called tactical these days, it is easy to be suspicious and wonder if the pen is in fact mightier than the sword!

Tactical pens are pens that are made from sturdy materials (usually military grade materials such as Aircraft Aluminum) that make them much harder than your typical pen. Tactical pens are also designed with features such as sharpened edges, which turns them from mere writing utensils into effective self-defense weapons. Some tactical pens also have other additional features, such as fire-straters and DNA catchers. A lot of folks like carrying tactical pens as self-defense weapons because they are “hide in plain sight” type of weapons. While guns and knives are obvious weapons and cannot be taken into a lot of areas, people will most likely not even notice that pen that you are carrying in your pocket.

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However, a self-defense weapon is only effective if you know how to use it! This is especially true for tactical pens, as you will need to be in close proximity to your attacker to be able to use the pen. So if you ever have to use your tactical pen to defend yourself, you better be sure you know what to do with it!

Avoid being attacked

Rather than finding yourself in a dangerous situation where you need to physically protect yourself, you should keep in mind a few key take-aways to try and avoid being attacked:

  • Avoid dangerous places.
  • Be a bad target.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Watch out for warning signs and pre-attack indicators.
  • Maintain a safe distance from potential threats and places they may wait.
  • Escape to safety when you feel threatened.

You can read more about avoidance, awareness and prevention for self-defense here.

Where To Strike – The Vulnerable Areas of An Attacker’s Body

Basic pressure points

The graphic above gives us a good indication of some of the basic areas of a body where an attacker could be vulnerable. There are other areas that are also considered very vulnerable (such as the temples and kidneys, but if you are untrained in self-defense, these basic areas are what you should focus on for now. Trying to attack other areas without sufficient training in how to do so, could result in you not being able to effectively protect yourself against your attacker.

Techniques for using a tactical pen

The videos below illustrate how to effectively use a tactical pen to defend yourself.


We are increasingly faced with dangerous situations where we need to be able to protect ourselves against possible attackers. With gun and knife laws being very strict in a lot of areas, alternative self-defense weapons are a necessity. Especially self-defense weapons that you can keep with you most of the time and that is not an obvious weapon. Tactical pens satisfies those requirements, and for that reason a lot of folks like to carry tactical pens with them. For the tactical pen to be an effective weapon, you need to know how to use it though. So we hope the above information helps you to be able to protect yourself when needed.

If you are serious about self protection, we highly recommend you obtain formal training from a qualified instructor so that you can be confident in your capabilities. And always remember, stay safe!!