The Top FNX 40 Holster Options Available Today!

fnx 40 holster

Guns all differ from each other in size, weight and functionality. For that reason, there are a few key things we recommend you keep in mind when choosing a holster for your FNX 40.

Weapon Size and Weight

The FNX 40 has the following measurements:

  • Length: 7.4 in (188 mm)
  • Barrel Length: 4 in (102 mm)
  • Width:1.55 in (39 mm)
  • Height: 5.45 in (138 mm)
  • Weight: 24.4 oz (692 g)

Keeping these measurements in mind, the FNX 40 is a medium to a large sized gun. That will make ankle and pocket holstering less than ideal for carrying this weapon. We would recommend looking at regular over the waistband (OWB), shoulder or even inside the waistband (IWB) sheath.

Weapon Use

The FNX 4o is designed to be used for self-defense. For self-defense carry your best FNX 40 options are going to be OWB or IWB. Most people who carry the FNX 40 prefer to keep their weapons concealed, so the best option would be an IWB holster that will keep your weapon concealed while still providing a secure and comfortable carry.

Shoulder holstering is a good option for concealed carry, however, it has the disadvantage that you will need to wear a jacket over it to keep it concealed. That is OK if you live in colder climates where wearing a jacket all the time is common…but of course, a jacket will also detract from your draw speed and ease.

Our Review of 5 FNX 40 Holsters

In the section below we do a detailed overview of 5 options that you can consider when you are looking for one option for your FNX 40.

FNH 9/40 Blade Tech Revolution OWB (with both Paddle and ASR Belt attachment)

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Revolution holsters by Blade Tech have become very popular recently. Created to last a lifetime, they are molded from extremely tough polymers. This makes them able to resist high impact and is also stable in extreme temperatures. They can handle temperatures as low as -30F to as high as 300F, whilst retaining the same shape, performance, fit and feel.

This quality FNX 40 holster is IDPA approved and can be set into 3 different positions; straight drop, muzzle-forward, or FBI cant. It comes set in the straight drop position. It also comes with a 3 position adjustable sting ray (ASR) belt attachment as a bonus, which allows you to change the way you carry your pistol, from a paddle to a belt. There are 2 retention screws, which means you can adjust it to your draw and get the tension level just right. This molded FNX 40 holster will hold your pistol with complete security using the Positive Lock Trigger Guard. It’s the perfect FNX 40 holster for carrying your pistol, whether you are at the range, in your neighborhood or out in the field.

DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard FNX-40 Right Hand Black:

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This FNX 40 holster is made of top quality leather and holds your pistol at an optimum draw angle. It sits rather high on your waist which gives very easy access. It’s quite a close fitting to the body so, despite it being designed to be worn outside the waistband, it can be worn quite easily under clothing and would not be difficult to conceal. Also, the slots in the belt allow you to adjust canting until it is just right for you. An adjustable tension screw helps make it feel snug without having to spend weeks breaking it in. It is a thumb break holster, so not designed for a quick draw.

One disadvantage it has, which happens with a lot of holsters, is that it is rather stiff when new. It would be tempting to use some kind of leather softener, oil or liquid. However, DeSantis discourage use of any emollients and, quite helpfully, do give instructions on how to break in it effectively. Another consideration is that this can be made to sit close to your body, but it does need a thick belt for it to do so. Also, unlike a lot of other of its kind, the Thumb Break Scabbard is not lined, which does not affect its usage, but some people do prefer lined options.

FN FNP FNX FNS 9 40 Leather Gun Holster LT RH IWB Black:

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This is an ideal FNX 40 holster for those who rarely carry a gun and want functional and comfortable holstering. This is an inside the waist (IWB) holster, and with the FNX 40 being a rather large pistol, this option does well when it comes to comfort as well as being able to conceal the pistol.

It is made from American double stitched leather with extra reinforcement at the top to allow the pistol to be replaced back with ease. However, some people have felt that re-holstering can be problematic. This is a budget and, therefore, some people have mentioned that the stitching may not be the best. Still, whilst it may not be the fanciest of FNX 40 holsters, it is an ideal entry-level option.

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle PX4 Beretta PX4 Storm

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This FNX 40 holster boasts that it was developed in Israel for the world’s military and special security services, and therefore has been proven in combat situations. Made of space age high-density plastics and injection molding, this case can resist the most severe climates and elements. It also offers a maintenance-free solution, as all it needs is soap and water to be cleaned, no need for oil. At a mere 2 ounces in weight, it is one of the lightest FNX 40 holsters, riding high above the waist, which means that it can easily be concealed under clothing.

A disadvantage to this one is the indent, designed to help keep the pistol from accidentally falling out, which hooks to the trigger guard when you contain your pistol. You may find your FNX 40 slide easily into it, but drawing it is another thing. The shape of this indent appears too deep for some people, which means the FNX 40 will not release from it without some considerable force applied to it. This means this RH Paddle PX4 Beretta PX4 Storm may be ideal for when you are simply carrying your pistol but don’t plan on using it. But on occasions when you are expecting to use it, such as at a range, this sheath may be rather annoying.

FN FNX 9/40 IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention and Comfort Curve, SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2

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This hybrid leather and plastic FNX 40 holster is the perfect balance between comfort as well as being able to rapidly deploy the pistol. Its design is so that a user can effectively grip the gun while it is still in the case. This means that, as soon as the gun is out, it is ready to shoot.

FN FNX 9/40 IWB Hybrid features a substance called Kydex which creates a curve at the back. This allows it to fit snugly to the body, making it more comfortable to wear, as well as making it much easier to conceal under clothing. Like most holsters, it is necessary to make adjustments until it fits you just right.

However, add to the list of benefits, the premium full grain American leather, beveled edges, adjustable tension, and adjustable cant and carry height, then this is definitely one of the best FNX 40 holsters around.

The only real complaint with this option is that some people have found it a little loose for their FNX 40. It could do with the addition of some retention screws to keep the pistol secure.

Our Top FNX 40 Holster Choice

We had a good look at 5 great options. Let’s recap the top options available:

  • The Blade Tech Revolution option is made to last a long time using fancy molded polymers. It gives the user some versatile options for how you want to wear it, so you can adjust how it should sit or the way you want to carry it. We really like the Postive Lock Trigger Guard, which helps make sure your gun is not going to fall out unexpectedly.
  • The DeSantis Scabbard is made from high-quality leather, which looks really good! It is not ideal if you need to draw your fun quickly though, as the snug fit and Thumb Break Scabbard of this FNX 40 holster makes quick draws a challenge.
  • The Pro Carry LT is one of the more affordable FNX 40 holster options. It is also made from leather, but not as good looking as the DeSantis holster. Being a slightly cheaper option, the quality is not as high on this one as you would find on the Blade Tech or the DeSantis.
  • The Fobus Standard holster is another one of the more affordable FNX 40 holster options. It comes from Israel where it was designed for military and security services. Similar to the Blade Tech, the Fobus is made from fancy plastics and molding which should make this a pretty tough one (but a lot more affordable than the Blade Tech). However, the designed intent of this option makes drawing it quickly a bit challenging.
  • The hybrid holster from SHTF Gear is one of the more expensive FNX 40 holster options on our list, but you can see the quality that you get with that price. It is made from leather and Kydex which provides the benefits of each material to it. It sits nice and snug to your body, while designed in such a way that makes it really easy to grip and draw this gun.

So which one would we choose?

The answer is the DeSantis holster. It looks beautiful in the high quality leather! Yes it is not ideal if you need to draw your gun quickly, however if you are not in law enforcement or military service that should not be a huge issue.

We like how versatile it is in terms of being able to carry it concealed and comfortably. It is a little more expensive than the Pro Carry LT and the Fobus Standard, but we believe the value you get for the money justifies it.