FN 5.7 Holster – 10 Holster To Check Out!

What are the best options for the FN 5.7 holster? We look to answer that question by looking at 10 different selections. We also go into detail by looking at 5 choices to pick our favorite.

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FN Five-Seven

To be able to choose the right FN 5.7 holster, you need to be aware of the measurements of the pistol as well as how you plan to use it. From there we can determine which types would be appropriate for the FN Five-Seven.

Weapon Size and Weight:

The FN 5.7 has the following measurements:

  • Length: 8.2″
  • Barrel Length: 4.8″
  • Width: 1.4″
  • Height: 5.4″
  • Weight: 1.3 lb (empty)

As you can see from the measurements of the pistol, the FN 5.7 is a medium sized handgun. This means most types should be able to work with this weapon (although probably not an ankle type!). Most folks would likely want to carry this gun concealed, so IWBs will probably feature a lot for this gun.


If you want to read a more detailed reviewfor the FN 5.7, you can check out the detailed overview that we have done below.

BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Appliqué Finish Concealment 

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This is a hard-shell choice made from Carbon Fiber. Not only does the Carbon Fiber make for a sturdy type, but it makes cleaning and maintaining it a lot easier as you can just wash it with a bit of mild soap and water. If you want your gun securely holstered, then this option might be one of the best FN5.7 holster options for you as it has a lock/release system to keep your gun stored.

To keep your gun even more securely holstered, you can play around with the adjustable retention screw. The retention system is designed to make drawing your weapon quick and easy (there is no thumb-break or middle-finger release to hamper you).

Carry on this product is made easy and convenient with the belt loop and paddle platforms, so you can adjust and carry your weapon that is comfortable for you.

If you need to carry your gun daily and need to be able to draw your weapon quickly, while also being assured that the gun is securely holstered when it needs to be, then this option is a serious contender to be your FN 5.7 holster option. It is a little on the expensive side, so probably not the best option if you just want  to store your weapon in for occasional use.

FN 5.7 Leather Gun LT RH IWB Black

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This product from Pro Carry is a no frills leather type for inside the waistband (IWB) carry. It is made in America from double stitched leather (so you know it is a solid product!). At its selling price (at the time this article was written), this is an entry level type that will do the basics you need from a FN 5.7 holster.

It is kept in place using the metal belt clip, however some users have noted that the belt clip is not the greatest (very often the belt clip is a problem area on holsters). However overall the it is well constructed and sturdy. Unfortunately for lefties, this choice is specifically designed for right-hand use.

Different to the BlackHawk we discussed above, this product is not really intended for everyday use but rather for occasional carry (for example if you are heading down to the gun range for some practise).

FN Five-Seven MK2 IWB Hybrid with Adjustable Retention and Comfort Curve, SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2

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This top-of-the-range IWB FN 5.7 holster is made from a hybrid of quality leather and Kydex, a type of moldable plastic. It boasts the ‘Comfort Curve’ which is made from Kydex and creates a curve in the back that is molded by each user, ensuring a very specific fit. This makes this an incredibly comfortable option, whilst also bringing the grip close to the body to help with concealment.

What’s more, this FN 5.7 holster offers adjustable retention, adjustable carry height and cant to suit every user, durable Kevlar stitching, beveled edges, and a sweat guard cut, so you get a full shooting grip on your pistol when it is holstered. This means you are ready for action, even in unpredictable situations.

Despite the leather being quite thick, it molds to your sides so well, along with the Kydex comfort curve, that it’s very difficult for anyone to know that you are carrying a weapon. Comfort is also unsurpassed.

Galco Fletch High Ride Belt for FN Five-Seven USG

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The Galco Fletch High Ride Belt product is by far one of the more expensive FN 5.7 holster options on our list. However you can see why when you look at it. Made from double stitched saddle leather, it is hand molded to fir the FN 5.7 specifically. It has a two-piece construction that is contoured to make for a comfortable fit on your hip.

Your weapon is kept securely in place thanks to the reinforced thumb-break, and has a trigger guard in place for safety. This does mean however that with this choice you might not be able to draw your weapon as fast as some of the others that we have looked at, however if you only carry as a civilian then that probably should not be a problem.

Keep in mind that with leather types like this, you will need to break it in a bit to get the fit to your gun just right.

Elite Survival Tac-Light Thigh for Beretta 92/96, FN Five Seven with tac lights

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If you are looking for something a bit more "tacti-cool", then you might like this FN 5.7 holster option. It is made from heavy duty Nylon for durability and easy maintenance, and is designed to be carried on your thigh. It will accommodate tactical flashlight attachments and an additional mag.

The thigh straps have quick release buckles and non-slip backing. You can get this product in either a left-hand or right-hand version.


Now that we looked at each of the FN 5.7 holster options individually, we can compare them to each other to try and figure out which one is the best option.

The BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Appliqué Finish Concealment option is made from modern carbon fiber materials that are specifically designed for secure holstering of your weapon while also allowing for quick and easy drawing of your weapon. It is not a cheap one, so is a holstered for serious users.

The leather type from Pro Carry is a well made product that is sold at an entry level price. The are some concerns about the metal belt clip, however this one is not intended for everyday use but rather for occasional carry.

The SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 provides unsurpassed comfort and concealment, and made from top quality leather and Kydex, cant and height is also adjustable to suit each and every user, draw and retention is unbeatable, and it fits the FN 5.7 like a glove. It is approximately a similar price to the BlackHawk Serpa, however the we believe the SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2 will give a more comfortable carry over a long period of wearing it.

The Galco Fletch High Ride Belt  is very expensive. However that is because it is a premium quality made from leather and hand molded to fit the FN 5.7. The thumb-break will keep your weapon securely holstered, but if you are in law enforcement or military you might want to rather look at the BlackHawk or the SHTF Gear ACE-1 Gen 2.

If you want to go the tactical route and look the part, you will probably like the Elite Survival Tac-Light Thigh. It allows for a tactical flashlight attachment and an extra mag. Being made from heavy duty Nylon, this is a good choice if you want a work-horse type product that can take a bit of punishment and be cleaned with a bit of soap and water when needed.

Which FN 5.7 holster would we choose?

Well, no one here will be surprised to hear that we award first place to the IWB Hybrid Holster! The most expensive product on the list, but we doubt you would find another option that can beat this. It will also last the test of time, and should fit every user out there.