Dan Wesson Bruin – A Close Look At The Civilized Brute

Hunter Elliott from RangeHot.com is well known for his thorough and practical review of firearms. In this post Hunter takes a close look at the Dan Wesson Bruin and tells us what he thinks of this firearm. Be sure to check out Hunter's video below, where he does a practical review of the gun.

Hunter is generally a big fan of the Dan Wesson 1911, ever since he reviewed the Dan Wesson ECO (check out that review here). Bur before we dive into the details of the Bruin, let's look at Dan Wesson the company.

Dan Wesson Firearms

Dan Wesson Firearms is a proudly American company, which is a part of the CZ-USA group. The company was founded in 1968 by Daniel Wesson II.

Interestingly, his great grandfather was Daniel Baird Wesson, who was a co-founder of Smith and Wesson. In 2005, the company was acquired by CZ-USA.

Hunter's Full Video Review

Hunter's First Impressions and Note

After testing the Bruim, Hunter had some first impressions about the weapon, which include:

  • Solid aluminum trigger
  • Adjustable for overtravel
  • Breaking crisp at four pounds with just a bit of takeup and almost no overtravel
  • The slide stop and extended thumb safety are serrated, while the magazine catch is checkered

Overall Thoughts On The Bruin

The Dan Wesson pistols are expensive, but you get what you pay for as the Dan Wesson pistols are quality guns. The Dan Wesson pistols are hand fitted (so not your typical production pistol) with forged steel and contains no MIM parts. So really, if you take into consideration the high quality materials used and the time taken to produce such a pistol, the high price is to be expected.

In terms of what you want to used the Bruin for, it is a pistol that can be used for handgun hunting. It of course can also be used for self-dense or going shooting at the range.

To see Hunter's full length review of the Dan Wesson Bruin, go check it out here.‚Äč