SIG P238 Holster Options (5 Options To Fit Your P238)

The SIG P238 is a popular gun for concealed carry. Whether it is as a primary weapon on your waist or a backup weapon possibly on your ankle. So we wanted to find out what are some of the best holster options available for the SIG P238?


SIG P238 holster

As we mentioned, the SIG P238 is a popular weapon of choice for folks looking to carry a weapon concealed. And when you look at its key stats below, you will see why it is great for conceal carry.

Key measurements

- Weight: 15.2 oz

- Length: 5.5 inches

- Width: 1.1inches

From the measurements, it is clear why this small gun is designed with concealed carry in mind. As such, the holsters available for this gun will be focuses on concealed carry holsters, such as pocket holsters, ankle holsters and inside the waistband (IWB) holsters.

Our Top Choices For SIG P238 Holster Options​

Below we look at 5 great options that you can consider if you are looking for a holster that would fit your SIG P238. We looked at options that will functional, concealable and provide value for money.​


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This suede holster is designed to accommodate smaller .380 caliber handguns for concealed carry such as the Ruger LCP. It's also serviceable for use as a SIG P238 holster.

Manufactured by American Craftsman, its makers guarantee a "lifetime warranty" with this product. It is designed to fit directly inside of the waistband and has no accessories with the exception of an attaching clip. Users can remove this clip and replace it with another, but are warned that the overall snug fit of this holster may make this difficult.

This holster comes in both a left and right handed version. Potential buyers are warned that because of the popularity of this particular holster, right handed versions of it are difficult to keep in stock. In addition to working well for a Ruger or as a SIG P238 holster, this product accommodates models such as:

  • SIG Sauer P238
  • Colt 1908 .25 caliber
  • Glock G43

This holster's snug fit doesn't accommodate smaller handguns with features like wider slides or accessories like lasers. There have also been multiple issues with this holster's soft leather construct. The main one concerns the holster's collapsing after drawing, meaning that pieces can't simply be reholstered easily and quickly. The soft leather causes the magazines of some gun models to "pop out" when holstered. And the leather of this holster can significantly "bleed" when new, damaging clothing.

On the plus side, this holster is comfortable to wear for extended periods (with the exception of driving), is not bulky and does not cause the finish to wear down on some guns as other holsters do.

DeSantis Superfly Sig 238 Ambidextrous Black

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Our next contender is this offering from Desantis. This holster is designed to be placed within and drawn from a pocket. This holster can be placed in front or rear pockets.

The cloth construct of the holster has been "rubberized" to give users a holster with a rigid and friction free drawing action. This holster is designed for either right or left handed use. It has a covering flap which can be removed. However, guns are visible under certain kinds of clothing if the flap is not used.

This is a snug fitting holster that does not accommodate wider slides or laser sights. In addition to working well with a .380 Ruger or as a SIG P238 holster, this product also accommodates the following gun models:

  • SIG Sauer 938
  • Colt Mustang
  • Colt Pony

Most complaints with this product deal with its effectiveness as a pocket holster. A number of purchasers say that the product doesn't fit in certain style pockets very well. There have been isolated reports that this holster pulls completely free of pockets when the user is trying only to remove the piece.

Other users have had an opposite experience with the Superfly as a pocket holster, singling out its rubberized surfaces as an especially good pocket grabber.

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

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Shooters looking for a holster with adjustment options that don't interfere with overall safety might want to consider this offering from Concealment Express.

This is a three ounce concealed carry holster designed to be worn on the waistband under an untucked shirt. The holster is constructed from a proprietary material called .08î KYDEX. In addition to wicking moisture away from pieces, this material allows the holster a fifteen degree range of adjustment motion. Be aware though that this product is available for right handed use only.

This product is designed and appropriate for use as a SIG P238 holster only. It will not accommodate other SIG Sauer models or related accessories. The manufacturer has stated that they plan to introduce a more accommodating holster of similar design in the near future.

Users of this holster have reported issues with the secureness of its waistband clips. There have also been problems with adjusting this holster's range. It's challenging for some users to do while wearing the holster. Incidents have also been reported of screws popping out of the holster while this adjusting is being attempted.

This holster is another one of the options on our list that is very comfortable to wear for extended periods, and is extremely difficult to see when worn for concealed carry.

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

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Our candidate here for the best P238 holster is an Alien Gear waist band concealed carry product that won a recent industry award as one of the best of its type. While this product does have its detractors, it also has a number of promising features.

The Cloak Tuck has been designed to have "zero break in time", meaning that this holster can be worn for extended periods right from the start! It utilizes a combination of nylon, plastic and steel for an adjustable retention fit, in addition to two retention clips. It's also possible to remove the main part of the holster and use the product's belt base as a retainer for the piece.

Because of this product's many moving parts, it comes with spare screws and a tool to adjust it. In addition to a lifetime warrantee, the company offers clients a "thirty day ride" which allows dissatisfied customers an opportunity to return the product. This holster can also accommodate the following gun models:

  • M&P .40
  • Ruger 9 mm
  • Ruger SR9c

It is not a perfect holster though. There have been multiple issues with this holster disintegrating after just a few months of use. Screws popping out are the main issue. And while this holster has won much praise for comfort, shorter individuals sometimes find this holster uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.

But this holster appears to be comfortable for the majority of its users to wear for extended periods. Its double clip also gives this holster a secure fit and many users will appreciate its multiple adjustment options.

GVN Ankle Holster Adjustable Elastic Concealed Ankle Carry Gun Holster

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The only ankle holster in our list, this product is constructed with "breathable" Neoprene and has an attached magazine pocket.

The holster can be rotated for both left and right handed use. It can also been worn on both the outside and inside of either the left or right leg. This is also the only holster reviewed here that can accommodate shields and laser sights. Users doing so are warned that this may cause the holster to sag and shift, however. In addition to serving as a SIG P238 holster, this product also accommodates the following gun models:

  • Ruger LCP 380
  • Sig P238
  • S&W M&P 9 mm
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 27
  • Glock 30
  • Kimber Solo
  • And some Taurus models.

The holster is inadequate to fit the needs of individuals with heavier or larger legs. There have been numerous complaints from users about this holster's fasteners as well. The Velcro used here wears out in as little as a week of normal use, leaving wearers with no alternatives.

Velcro issues aside, the overall design of this holster is good. It's practical and easily accessible and the fabric used in its construct does prevent sweating.

Wrapping Up

As we get ready to crown the best SIG P238 holster winner, there are some key factors to consider in choosing a concealed carry holster:

  • Does the holster disguise the firearm?
  • Is the holster comfortable to wear for extended periods?
  • Does the holster protect the user and bystanders from dropping and unintended discharge?

Price and the option of using the holster for more than one gun are other factors users consider important in choosing a holster.

While this review considered a range of concealed carry holster types (waistband, pocket, ankle), all five were comfortable for extended wearing with a firearm in place. Only the SIG IWB holster caused some discomfort while driving, and then only after extended periods of it.

Unfortunately, all of these holsters have design or manufacturing issues that could lead to safety problems for the unwary. These range from "clip failures", to guns popping out of holsters unintentionally, to hardware issues. While one of the first rules of concealed carry is to not draw attention to concealed firearms, users are reminded to conduct frequent "fit checks".


We had to buy a holster today for the SIG P238, it would be the Alien Gear's Cloak Tuck holster. It wins overall for design, materials used, comfort, ease of use, and adjustability.

And given that the manufacturer includes spare screws to make emergency holster repairs, it's at least partially acknowledging design and safety issues. Hopefully these problems will be corrected in future generations of this holster, making it an even better option for those who wish to carry concealed.