Choosing The Best pistol Safe – We List 5 Top Safes


Purchasing a pistol safe is often treated as a mindless decision, with very little consideration being given to the multitudinous variables that impact the value and effectiveness of the safe.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to buying the best pistol safe for you, and when careful consideration is given to the importance of choosing the best pistol safe, and numerous functions that the safe must be capable of, it becomes obvious that this decision should be treated with a higher level of importance being focused on buying the best pistol safe possible. We have a guide on some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best pistol safe for your needs, which you can read here.

Taking the time to analytically examine the best pistol safe options that are available, is the first step in ensuring that you don't waste money on a safe that lacks the functionality, security and size that is ideal for the use that it is intended for. There has been a rise in the popularity and sale of handgun safes or pistol lock boxes in recent years.

A significant influence on this rise in popularity as far as pistol safes are concerned is the increase in accidental deaths involving young children who gained access to a parent's handgun.

The rise in handgun theft is another issue that is driving the popularity of small gun safes. In order to effectively meet the needs associated with a gun safe, it is important to gather as much information as possible so that you can be confident that you are purchasing the best pistol safe for the manner in which it will be used. Following is a systematic breakdown of the top 5 best pistol safe options available.

GunVault NV200 Nano Vault

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First up on the best pistol safe list is the GunVault NV200. For those individuals who are familiar with the GunVault line of pistol safes, you will immediately recognize the NV200 as being a slightly larger version of the NV100, with measurements of 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches. The increased size provides the capacity to accommodate larger weapons, including an additional magazine. This safe has the capacity to fit a number of full-sized guns, such as the Glock 26 and 30, as well as the Ruger LCP and P345.

Key Lock System

The NV200 has a number of features that qualify it for its designation as a top 5 best pistol safe; however, one of the most important features is the fact that it has a key lock system, which means it has the security necessary to prevent unauthorized access, while providing quick and easy access to the weapon when needed. As long as the keys are kept in a safe yet accessible place, the primary functions of the safe, accessibility and security, will remain optimally functional.

Foamed Interior

For the person who prefers to keep their handgun in pristine condition, minus the scratches and scuffs that are a natural part of wear and tear, the foam interior of this pistol safe is ideal for protecting the gun from scratches, and other accidental damage. The manner in which the gun safe is able to protect the items that are placed in it are a significant part of what will determine whether the safe qualifies to make a best pistol safe list or not.


The portability of this gun safe is another great feature that adds to its popularity and earns it its spot on the best pistol safe list. When transporting your gun, many states require the weapon be locked away, and the NV200 provides the capability to comply with these types laws, while still providing the quick accessibility that is extremely important to the person who is looking for the ability to protect themselves in unexpected hostile situations.

The NV200 is sleek enough to slide underneath the driver's seat, and it will also easily fit into your drawer or cupboard. This is the ideal safe for the person who is looking for something that they can easily be tucked away and access when needed.


It would seem that durability would be synonymous with the term "gun safe;" however, this is not necessarily so; however, any gun that would be considered the best pistol safe would need to possess a high level of durability. There are some pistol safes that lack durability, meaning that they are really not that safe. Fortunately, the NV200 is a quality safe that possesses an exceptional amount of durability. The sleek designed of the safe requires for a higher-gauge of steel; however, the 18-gauge steel case is made from a high-quality steel that has proven to be exceptionally rugged and durable.

Pros vs Cons


  • Ideal for mobility and travel
  • Reasonably priced
  • Added security cable to attach it to fixed objects, preventing someone from simply walking off with it
  • Great for concealing in the smallest of places


  • The smell of the internal foam, which is actually a rust-proofing agent, can be pretty strong. However, the foam can be washed out if the smell is too unbearable
  • You sacrifice capacity and gauge size to accommodate the sleek and concealable design

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe

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One of the primary functions of a gun safe that is worthy of making the best pistol safe list is portability, and the PP1K does not lack in portability in the slightest. Another important element of a good pistol safe is accessibility and this safe has this feature as well. Sentry has long been a well-respected safe manufacturer, being recognized for their high level of quality and their commitment to detail. The commitment to quality and detail can be seen in the intuitive design of this safe. This safe definitely has to be considered as one a safe that is qualified to be called the best pistol safe.

Key Lock

The locking mechanisms on a gun safe is extremely important to its overall functionality. When it comes to a full-sized home safe, it may be appropriate, or even necessary, to have multiple locking mechanisms on the safe in order to provide optimum security; however, it would not be wise to have multiple mechanisms on a safe that requires quick accessibility. This safe has a key lock, which means that the safety mechanism is in place, while accessibility is maximized. The safe has the spatial capacity to hold two full-sized handguns, or it will hold one gun and two magazines.


One of the primary concerns about any type of gun safe is whether it is tamper resistant. If a safe can be easily pried open, it has no true value. The PP1 is highly pry resistant, meaning that you can feel confident with the fact that your children, or a burglar will not be able to pry their way into the safe.

Security Tether Cable

Portable gun safes are often stolen, with the intent being to break into the safe when there is more time. This is why the PP1 comes with a metal cable that can be affixed to an immovable object, preventing someone from walking away with the safe.

Foam Protection

The inside of this pistol safe is lined with high-density protective foam. This foam will help to guard against scratches and scuffs, as well as other types of damage.

Pros vs Cons


  • Highly portable, can be used in and outside of the vehicle
  • The door and door hinges are designed to be pry-resistant
  • The interior of the safe is lined with high-density compression foam
  • Passes government rating for safety


  • No keyless entry, which means that if the key is lost, the safe becomes inaccessible and useless.
  • Sleek design limits space

Stack-On GCB-900 Steel Pistol Safe

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Although the GCB-900 is lacking in the area of portability, it earns high stars when it comes to storage capacity and multi-functionality. This size of this safe bars it from being used as portable safe or as a car safe; however, it is ideal for storing multiple guns, ammo, magazines and other personal valuable that you may want to protect. At a price that is considerably under $100, the price is definitely right, leaving the concern about quality. This safe definitely proves that you don't have to spend an exorbitant amount of money. So, what makes this safe worthy of being best pistol safe leader? The answer to this question is found by understanding that the designation of best pistol safe is highly relative. It depends on what you are looking for in a safe. In other words, a safe can be highly portable and have a great deal of accessibility, but if storage capacity and security are your primary concerns, the aforementioned feature will not possess a high value rating; however, a safe that has room for multiple guns, ammo and valuable will possess a high value rating. When it comes to high storage capacity, the GCB-900 is the best pistol safe.

High-Security Locking Mechanism

Due to the fact that this safe is meant to be more of a stationary mechanism of gun safety, it does not necessarily require the speedy access of a car gun safe. This safe uses a fully lockable key coded double bitted lock. The door is also steel framed.

Pros vs Cons


  • Ideal for holding multiple pistols, supplies, ammo and personal valuables
  • High-security locking mechanism to protect from tampering and prying
  • Two removable shelves and padded bottom, allow for adjustments to accommodate storage needs
  • Pre-drilled holes allow for the safe to be permanently mounted to floor, wall or ceiling


  • Lacks the mobility of smaller pistol safes

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Finger Print Opening Safes

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This safe is ideal for the tech lover. The biometric access mechanism is becoming increasingly popular for locking mechanisms on homes, computers and even vehicles. The does require that the batteries that render this locking modality functional be regularly changed.

The biometric component is one of the reasons that this safe is considered to be a top 5 best pistol safe. There are a number of other features that make this pistol safe popular among gun owners. Another awesome feature is the fact that this pistol safe is the perfect mix of portability and storage capacity, allowing you to fit your gun and clips in easily, while still being able to grab it and go. This safe fits perfectly in a desk drawer or dresser drawer. With dimensions being 14.75 by 11.25 by five inches, this safe provides the space without consuming a lot of space.


Another element of this safe that qualifies it to be considered on the best pistol list safe is the fact that it is immensely durable, not only being made of high quality steel, but the construction of the safe ensures that it can stand the text of time. Even the door is made of high-quality steel, meaning that the safe is extremely pry-proof.


This small safe has an immensely high functionality ratio. It can be used as a portable safe that will allow you to transport your pistol and valuables safely and legally with great ease, and it can also be permanently affixed to walls or floors to restrict the movement and the risk of the safe being stolen.

Damage Protection

An important element of a safe that can be designated as the best pistol safe is the capacity to protect the gun from scratches and damage. If you are a person that desires to protect the gun from scratches, which can negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of the gun, then this safe is definitely one you should consider. The bottom of the safe is fitted with a soft, protective foam, that not only protects the gun from scratches, but it also protects it from damage that may impact its ability to perform.

Pros vs Cons


  • High level of portability
  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere
  • Fast access through a biometric locking system
  • Convenient Top opening access


  • Not fire proof
  • Not waterproof

When comes to a safe that embodies all of the elements of a handgun safe, the BARSKA top opening biometric safe is the best pistol safe.

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

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When it comes to rapid access with gun safes, the Hornady Rapid Safe is considered by many gun experts to be the future of rapid access gun storage, and although rapid access is the primary feature of this safe, the first thing that jumps out is the fact that it is well-constructed. The safe weighs nearly 16 pounds, and it is constructed of 16-gauge steel with a ¼ inch dual locking lug system. To add to the security functionality of this safe, it can be affixed to an immovable object with a 1,500 pound rated cable.

Hands-free Access

A part of the rapid access component is the fact that the safe can be accessed using the hands-free Radio Frequency Identification technology. There are three primary modalities through which the system can be operated, and they are:

  • Bracelet
  • Keycard
  • Key fob

The door immediately pops open when one of the aforementioned devices are swiped passed it.

Additionally, the safe can also be accessed by using a personally programmed code that can be keyed in on the keypad. Finally, the safe has a fail-safe that will allow you to open it with a key, ensuring that failed technology will not lock you out of your safe.

When the safe's "unlock" sequence is triggered, the door pops open from the top, and the gun is presented — handle first — for quick access.

Power can be supplied to the safe continuously, using a 110-volt AC power adapter, or the battery backup will allow you to use the safe at home or while on the go.

This safe is slightly pricier than the other safes on this list, but the value is in the convenience and functionality of the safe.

Pros vs Cons


  • Rapid access
  • Multiple modes of entry
  • High portability
  • Quality construction and durability
  • Padded pistol holder to protect the gun


  • A little pricy at slightly over $200.00; however, the functionality and durability provide the value that justifies the price

Which Safe Would We Choose?

The best pistol safe comes in more than one size of function, and each of these safes offer a unique benefit that is need-specific. For the person who is looking for maximum portability and concealability, the NV200 is the best safe for that. The PP1k is great for a person portability with slightly more storage space.

The GCB 900 does not have the portability of the other safes, but it provides the ultimate in-home safety and functionality. The BARSKA biometric safe is probably the most functional of all, having storage capacity and ease of access capabilities that is competitive with the others. Finally, the Hornady Rapid Gun Safe is the most high tech, and it probably has the quickest access out of all of the safes.

Personally, I would choose the BARSKA Biometric Safe because it is the perfect combination of storage capacity, functionality and ease of access. Its affordability is what eliminates the Hornady safe. However, either of these safes can easily be named the best pistol safe on the market.

What do you think - what is the best pistol safe?

Everyone has different needs, and this is true when it comes to pistol safes. That also means that people will have other opinions on what they think the best pistol safe is. If you have some thoughts on the topic, please share what you think the best pistol safe is in the comments section below.