Quick Tips For Choosing the Best IWB Holster

Just as taking the time out to choose the right gun is important, it's just as important to choose the best IWB holster for your needs. IWB holsters or inside the waistband holsters provide users with a quick and easy way of carrying their firearms in a concealed manner in a position that is easy to draw from. There are numerous variables involved in selecting the right holster, but you can find the best IWB holster for your needs as long as you follow some key guidelines.


Comfort is key when it comes to wearing any holster, but it is especially important when dealing with IWB holsters. As the name suggests, IWB holsters work by securing your firearm within your waistband. An uncomfortable holster can be made far more uncomfortable when the material and firearm are digging into your side.

To make the most comfortable holster, you'll generally want a soft yet durable material like nylon or leather. While these can make for the most comfortable of IWB holsters, you should keep in mind that the soft material makes them collapsible when the gun is removed from the holster, which could make re-holstering the gun difficult. In emergency situations, it's generally more important to be able to remove and draw your gun quickly and easily than it is to place it back in the holster, but it may still hinder performance.

Many people who buy IWB holsters wear slightly larger pants to provide the room needed in the waistband for the firearm. This is especially beneficial for added comfort no matter which material is chosen for the holster.


There are various types of material used to make IWB holsters and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to find the best IWB holster for your needs, you'll need to determine which material seems best suited for you.


Kydex is a popular choice due to its strong and durable design. It's sturdy enough to not collapse when the firearm is removed from the holster, and it can stand up very well to harsh situations and everyday wear and tear. Kydex holsters also don't pinch the firearm in place or snag the firearm upon drawing, which allows for a quicker and more fluid draw.

However, kydex is fairly uncomfortable to wear due to the stiff design and rough feeling. It also tends to not blend very well with everyday clothing choices.


One of the reasons leather is such a popular choice is because leather is simply a popular material for so many items. People love the look, feel and even the smell of a fine leather product. When it comes to leather IWB holsters, people typically choose them because of those same reasons. In addition, leather is very comfortable to wear as a holster and it matches everyday clothing and even formal wear very well.

However, as stated before, leather IWB holsters will usually collapse when the firearm is removed, and the soft design can pinch and snag the firearm upon drawing. Leather also tends to absorb oil and sweat, which may damage the holster and gun over time.


Nylon is also a softer material that is seen as more comfortable to wear, but the actual material may feel abrasive on skin. However, many nylon holsters have a separate material on the outside such as suede to make it more comfortable to wear. Nylon isn't as durable as kydex, but it's typically stronger and more durable than leather. It's also a stiffer material that won't collapse as much as leather when the gun is drawn.

Out of the three materials, nylon is a nice middle ground between the advantages of leather and kydex, but it also holds many of the disadvantages of both.

Clips Vs. Straps

IWB holsters are commonly held on one of two ways, either through a metal clip or straps. Clips are seen as the most convenient because they allow users to easily slip their holsters on and off. However, a clip can easily pop off while drawing your firearm or if you fall down.

Straps may be the less convenient to put on and take off, but they fully secure the holster to your waistband and won't pop off without notice.


Holsters come in all sizes and shapes to fit hundreds of different firearms. Before you look into buying a particularly interesting holster, it's a good idea to see if it comes in a size that can accommodate for your firearm or if one can be made in that size.


A good holster can be your best friend in tense situations. It's always good to do proper research and comparisons while trying to find the best IWB holster for your needs. Try on various types of holsters to get a good feel of them before making the final purchase. You may find one that is so useful and comfortable that you may not even feel like you're wearing one at all.

What Do You Think - What Is The Best IWB Holster?

Above we provide some tips and advice for choosing the best IWB holster for your needs. However, we have not discussed which holster is actually the best IWB holster! The reason for that is that each person is different and weapons require different holsters, so different people have different opinions on which holster is the best IWB holster. Saying that, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinion! So please leave a comment in the comments section below.