Finding The Best Handgun

What is the best handgun? Handguns are one of the most popular types of firearms on the market today. They’re great for self-defense, small enough to hide easily in your house or on your body and simple to use. No matter if you’re a new gun user or an expert marksman, selecting the best handgun for you is very important. One that you’re not comfortable with or one that doesn’t meet your needs may result in poor performance and may possibly even create a safety issue. There are several important aspects to consider when searching for the best handgun for your needs.


Gun Safety

Before jumping into the subject on which handgun is the best handgun, we need to mention gun safety. It is no use having the best handgun if you do not know how to use it properly. If you are new to owning a gun, please be sure to complete relevant training to ensure you know how to use a gun responsibly and appropriately.

For more information, go to the NRA website for a catalog of courses. You can also take this online quiz from the International Hunter Education Association to gauge your gun safety knowledge.

Choosing The Best Handgun For Your Needs


Handguns come in various shapes and sizes, and it’s important to remember that size does not always correlate to weight precisely. Small handguns can still be heavy while large handguns can be surprisingly light. Each has their own specific advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing the best handgun for your needs. The size of you gun will also of course have an impact on how you will be able to carry. You can carry a smaller gun discretely in a concealed carry holster, however  a large gun will be much more prominent.


Big handguns are commonly alluring because they convey power and give the user a stronger sense of security. Medium to large sized handguns also usually fit better in the shooter’s hands, making for more accurate and comfortable shooting. It also allows the user to feel less recoil as the grip can absorb more of the force behind the shot. Finally, big handguns have longer barrels that create a longer and easier to use sight plane.

However, bigger handguns can be difficult to conceal on your body. In addition, the large size may make newer gun users more intimidated by the gun than it would make them feel safer.


Small handguns may be looked down upon by some people as they don’t really seem threatening or intimidating, but even the smallest of handguns can do significant damage to an attacker. Small handguns are easier to conceal on both your body and in your home, and they may be more comfortable for newer gun owners to use. In addition, some people have smaller hands that would fit more comfortably on smaller handguns than on larger ones. Smaller handguns are usually the best handgun option for women who might have smaller hands, especially when they are just starting out.

However, small handguns can’t absorb as much of the recoil as larger guns, and their sight plane is usually much shorter.


The real measure of power in a gun is in its caliber. In terms of handguns, caliber refers to the diameter of the bore and the size of ammo that it requires. While you may think that larger caliber handguns are the best handgun options by default because they’re the more powerful guns, there are actually significant benefits and disadvantages to both.

Larger Caliber

Larger caliber weapons may be harder to wield in successive shots, but their power may make up for it. While larger caliber weapons are also good for everyday self-defense, they are even better for protection outdoors and in severe survival situations. For new gun owners, it’s best to start out with lower caliber guns and work your way up to the larger calibers to ensure that you can handle the force with enough ease to wield it properly. So if you want a gun that packs a punch with stopping power, a larger caliber gun is the best handgun option.

For more information in gun calibers, check out this article on It lists all the calibers along with their pros and cons.

Smaller Caliber

It’s true that smaller caliber weapons don’t pack as much of a punch as larger caliber guns, but they are still incredibly beneficial. Less power means less recoil, allowing these guns to be easier on the hands of new shooters. In addition, less recoil means less recovery time after a shot, which means you can be consistently more accurate in successive shots than you can with a larger caliber firearm. So if you want deadly accuracy, a smaller caliber handgun is the best handgun option.


While you don’t want a handgun that feels feels cheap or flimsy, lighter weight handguns are typically the handguns of choice for many people. They’re quick to draw, easy to control and extremely accurate. In addition, new gun users are usually more comfortable learning on and using lighter weight guns as a heavy handgun may feel unwieldy and intimidating. They’re also easier to carry around on a day to day basis and usually easier to conceal.

An experienced shooter may feel comfortable using a heavier handgun, but the fact remains that the added weight makes them more difficult to shoot and less accurate as the heavier barrel tends to make the nose of the gun point down.


The best handgun for you needs to feel right when you are holding it in your hands. If you’re not comfortable in one way or another with a certain type of gun, don’t buy it. To some degree, nearly every gun requires getting used if you haven’t used a gun like it before, but if you don’t feel comfortable holding the gun or aiming it feels odd it’s best to move on to a different option.

You can usually test out the feel of a gun at your local gun shop. You can pick it up and even practice a shooting stance with it as long as you keep your finger off of the trigger and point in a safe direction. If you like the way it feels and aims but end up not liking how it shoots, it may be better to return it. You might be able to change various options on the gun to make it shoot better, but if it just doesn’t feel or sound right, it may be better to return it for both accuracy reasons and safety.

Revolvers and Semi-Auto Pistols

While semi-automatic pistols have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, the use of revolvers still stands strong to this day. This may seem like one of those choices that really depends on personal preference or style, but most gun owners actually agree that revolvers are the best handgun choice especially where new gun owners and inexperienced shooters are concerned.

The reason for this is that revolvers are easier to shoot, simpler, more reliable and easier to maintain than pistols. They don’t require specific commercial cartridges to work, they are incredibly rugged, and they can last for much longer periods of time without cleaning or lubricant and still maintain nearly perfect functionality. They even handle misfires and duds better as you can merely pull the trigger again and put another cartridge into position for firing without having to take the gun apart or needing to pull the action back.

That’s not to say that some pistols can’t be great guns, but they are almost always a bigger hassle to deal with. Experienced gun users may find some benefits in semi-automatic pistols such as bigger round capacity, lighter trigger pull and the safety switch, but revolvers are still seen by many as the best handgun option.

However pistols do offer advantages over revolver. Mainly in the fact that pistols carry more ammo, and with magazines it is much easier and quicker to reload a pistol. So in terms of ammo carrying ability and ease of reloading, the pistol is the best handgun option.


Choosing the best handgun for your specific needs and preferences allows you to be a better, more accurate and safer shooter. However, no matter how accurate or powerful the gun is, it’s most effective in the hands of someone who practices often, takes proper care of their firearms and is knowledgeable on the proper safety practices involved in shooting. Even experts need to consistently practice to stay sharp in the event of a self-defense situation. With a proper handgun and plenty of practice, you’ll be able to handle anything from the shooting range to a severe emergency.

Your Thoughts on The Best Handgun

Different people will have thoughts on what the best handgun is. We would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment and give your opinion on which handgun is in fact the best handgun, but importantly, also say why.