Best Concealed Carry 9mm – We Investigate 5 Great Contenders!

What is best concealed carry 9mm gun? Concealed carry is an option that a lot of gun carriers prefer. Folks who carry in public or want a back-up weapon, want a gun small enough that provides effective concealment. When it comes to smaller guns, there are a few calibers that can be considered. These include .22, .380 and 9mm.

The .22 is considered not powerful enough to be effective in a self defense situation, so is generally only used by folks for target shooting or small game hunting. The .380 caliber has historically been popular with folks who want a smaller caliber.

However a lot of folks want a bigger caliber for self-defense andd prefer the 9mm caliber to .380 as it would have more stopping power. Thanks to modern new designs in the 9mm gun market, we have seen some nice guns come out that are small and light enough for effective concealed carry.

Below we look at five 9mm options that are excellent guns, which could be argued to be contenders to be called the ultimate concealed carry 9mm gun. To specifically choose one gun as the best concealed carry 9mm is of course not truly possible, as each person would have their own unique requirements when choosing the right concealed carry 9mm for their needs.

These requirements might include a mix of price, build quality, reliability, after market products and design/looks. So we picked five 9mm guns that we really like and think are good for concealed carry.

Of course we realise there are other great 9mm guns that are not on our list, so if you have a 9mm in mind that you believe should be on a list of the top concealed carry 9mm guns, please share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

GunWeight (oz)Length (In)
Glock 26226.41
Beretta Nano19.85.6
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield196.1
Kahr PM9196.1
Ruger LC917.26

*The prices listed are at the time of the writing of this article and are subject to change without notice.

Glock 26Glock 26


Weight -21.71 oz
Length – 6.41 in
Width – 1.18in
Height – 4.17 in
Barrel Length – 1.26 in
Magazine Capacity – 10

MSRP – $500*

Glock has two pistols that could be argued to be the best concealed carry 9mm pistol, namely the Glock 26 and the Glock 27. These are Glock’s “subcompact” variations. The 26 and the 27 are sometimes even referred to as the “Baby Glocks”, as they are so small compared to the other models in the Glock product range.

A nice feature of the Baby Glock is the fact that it can accept factory magazines from  other Glock variants, such as the Glock 17, Glock 18, and Glock 19.

The Baby Glock is bigger and heavier than any of the other 9mm options on our list. This of course is not ideal when considering concealed carry, however if you have bigger hands and prefer a gun with a bigger magazine capacity, then the Baby Glock might just be the right concealed carry 9mm for your personal requirements.

At a MSRP of approximately $500, the Baby Glock is not the most expensive compact 9mm, but it is not the cheapest either! Only the Kahr PM9 is more expensive on our list of 9mm compact guns.

You can check out a practical review of the Glock 26 Gen 4 in the video below:

Beretta Nano



Weight -19.8 oz
Length – 5.63 in
Width – 0.9in
Height – 4.17 in
Barrel Length – 3 in
Magazine Capacity – 6

MSRP – $400*

If you like stylish and sleek, you will know Beretta. The oldest existing weapons manufacturer in the world (they have been around since the 16th century!!) is known for making beautiful guns. You probably know it best for the Beretta M9, which has been the US Military’s sidearm of choice since 1985.

Beretta has produced the Nano for the small concealed carry 9mm market. The Nano is a striker-fired, semi-automatic micro pistol.

The frame is made from technopolymer, while the slide is a Pronox finished slide. As the pistol is designed specifically with concealed carry in mind, it has no external safety lever, nor does it have an external slide lock or release. This all helps the Nano to not have a print and helps to prevent the pistol from snagging on any clothing if it has to be drawn quickly.

Compared to the Baby Glock, the Nano is a much smaller gun with a smaller ammo capacity. However this makes it much more suited to concealed carry with its sleek profile. It has a MSRP of $400, which makes it one of the most affordable guns on our list. Include the fact that this gun is specifically designed for concealed carry, it will be tough to beat.

For a closer look at the Beretta Nano, check out this video:

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Smith Wesson MP Shield


Weight -19 oz
Length – 6.1 in
Width – 0.95 in
Height – 4.6 in
Barrel Length – 3.1 in
Magazine Capacity – 7/8

MSRP – $450*

The M&P in the name stands for (Military and Police),which indicates the target markets, however it is widely available on the civilian market. In 2012 the M&P Shield was launched by Smith and Wesson. You can get it in 9mm as well as .40 S&W calibers.

The Shield is a polymer-framed pistol (as most of these guns seem to be) sub-compact pistol with a single stack magazine.

The Shield is not a lot different from the M&P Compact, however the Shields is thinner than the Compact. An improvement the Shield makes from the other pistols in the M&P line is an improved trigger with positive reset.

With its thin profile, the Shield is perfect for comfortable concealed carry, and is a good option for both men and women. Like a lot of the polymer guns, it is probably not going to win any beauty contests, but if you want a really thin gun, this might just be the best concealed carry 9mm pistol option for your needs.

Want to see more? Check out this video:

Kahr PM9kahr pm9


Weight -19 oz
Length – 6.1 in
Width – 0.95 in
Height – 4.6 in
Barrel Length – 3.1 in
Magazine Capacity – 7/8

MSRP – $810*

The gun manufacturers really seem to like have letters in the gun name. The Kahr PM series is no different. The “PM” stands for Polymer Micro, which tells you it is a small gun made from Polymers.

The PM is a short recoil operated, double action only (DAO)hammerless, striker-fired semi-automatic pistol.

If you want an American made pistol, then this might be the best concealed carry 9mm pistol for your preference, as Kahr Arms is an American small arms manufacturer. An interesting thing about Kahr Arms is that it was founded by Justin Moon, who is the son of Sun Myung Moon. Sun Myung Moon is know as the founder of the Unification Church.

The PM9 is aimed at the civilian market, but is also a popular choice as a backup weapon for law-enforcement forces. You will typically find the pistol in a matte black polymer frame, with a stainless-steel slide.

If you are considering getting yourself a PM9, you should know that PM pistols usually require a ‘breaking-in’ period. Kahr Arms recommend that you initially fire at least 200 rounds to break the pistol in.

HICKOK45 does another review video, which you can check out below:

Ruger LC9s

Ruger LC9 holster


Weight -17.2 oz
Length – 6 in
Width – 0.90 in
Height – 4.5 in
Barrel Length – 3.12 in
Magazine Capacity – 7

MSRP – $479*

So once again, the pistol model name gives us some indication on what the pistol is. The “LC9” in the name stands for “Lightweight Compact 9mm”.

The LC9 was introduced in 2011, with the LC9s being the striker-fired version of the model. It is a double action only (DAO), locked breech, recoil operated semi-automatic pistol.

As expected, it has a polymer frame with a slide that is made from blued alloy steel. Interestingly, in 2011 the LC9 was awarded the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence’s Handgun of the Year.

The LC9 is not smaller or lighter than any of the other guns listed on our list of concealed carry 9mm guns, however it is one of the cheapest with a MSRP of approximately $479. With the Beretta Nano being cheaper and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield only a little more expensive, some folks might be tempted to rather buy one of those two options.

If price is a big factor in deciding which gun is the ideal concealed carry 9mm for you, then you could also consider the Kel-Tec PF-9. Some folks might argue that the Kel-Tec should be on the list rather than the Ruger LC9 due to the Kel-Tec being lighter and having no external safety or magazine disconnect. The Ruger however wins in terms of quality of construction, strength and a crisper trigger pull.

If you want to see more about the LC9s, have a look at this video below.

What Do You Think – What Is The Best Concealed Carry 9mm?

We only listed five guns in our list of guns that we believe could be contenders to be called the best concealed carry 9mm. However there are many more guns out there that could be argued to be the best concealed carry 9mm.

For example we do not have any Sig or Springfield on here, which there probably should be! So what do you think, which 9mm would you say is the best concealed carry 9mm and why? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.