6 Crazy Handgun Stories That Are Actually True!

In a country where citizens have the right to bear arms so much so that it is written into its constitution, it is a shame that the main gun stories that run in various media outlets tend to be about the odd crazed, homicidal delinquent, hell bent on killing innocents.

These incidents are very few and far between, and the general public are actually more likely to see the benefits of having firearms. Here are a few funny and bizarre (but true) handgun stories.

Gun-toting pastor manages to apprehend thieving grandma

After two years of disappearing packages from his home, including even his robes, a pastor decided to become detective and find out what was really going on. A Vietnam veteran, Pastor Holmes decided to set up his own surveillance equipment at his home in the Baytown area of Texas. He recalled seeing a woman once in his yard, but she explained that she was just looking for her dog, and he believed her.

But as more and more packages kept disappearing at his residence, he decided one day to lay in wait for her. After spending a whole day sat by a window, he spotted her in the early evening. He had a .45 with him and confronted her with it. "This time, when she walked around the corner, she met my .45 and me. I knew I had to do it that way to let her know you have violated me for the very last time," said Holmes.

The police were called and the woman was arrested, despite still sticking to her story of looking for her dog. Showing complete compassion, Pastor Holmes has since invited the woman to his church, believing that the Bible preaches that people should forgive. When pressed about him using the .45, he claimed that he was pushed to the brink, but he believes the devil was using her, and he would never have used the gun.

The full story is available on Fox News.

Woman gives robber more than he bargained for

A robber in Fort Dodge, Iowa, got a lot more than he bargained for when he decided to hold up a textbook store, all because the owner had enough forethought to have a firearm in the back counter for his employees. When a bandana-covered robber decided to demand money from 22 year old Jessica McDonald, who had just opened up the Discounted Textbooks store for the day, she opened up the register to show it was empty, hoping he would just go away.

Unfortunately, the robber moved behind the counter and threatened her with a mace. At this point, McDonald got the gun out of the safe and turned it against her would be attacker. He then backed out of the store with the gun pointed towards him. McDonald chased him into the parking lot, shouting at passers-by to call 911, but he managed to get away.

McDonald expressed surprise when she first started working at the store and was told about the gun. She felt that it was slightly ‘over the top’, and felt she would never need it. After this incident, however, she claims to be glad that the store owner, Paul Tigges, had the firearm there. Tigges says that the firearm was put there for employee safety. “Anything could happen had we not had that firearm in that store and she did not have access to it.”

The full story is available on kcci.com.

Man kills aggressive 9 feet grizzly bear

An Alaskan man had to use his .45 ACP handgun to kill an aggressive grizzly bear when it kept trying to break into his home. Despite the man firing several warning shots to try and scare the 9 feet tall beast off, it returned only a couple of hours later, with even more aggression.

Landess was forced to grab his .45 handgun and had to fire 7 rounds to kill the bear. “I couldn't believe that it came back”. Showing empathy, he stated that he was a fisherman and not a hunter. “It wasn't something I wanted to do. I wanted to scare him off.” He still has no idea why the bear came back, claiming he had no food around the house that could have attracted it. He lives near the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and therefore has seen wild bears near his property before, but never one this aggressive. And the fact that it took 7 rounds to kill it proves that!

The full story is available on gunssaveslives.net.

Armed Democrat foils armed robbers

An elected Democrat defended himself and his colleague with a concealed handgun. 2 muggers decided to target Pennsylvania State Representative Marty Flynn, and fellow State Representative Ryan Bizzarro, in Harrisburg.

One of the two muggers reportedly fired shots at Flynn and Bizzarro. Flynn, an MMA fighter and former prison guard, returned fire. No one was injured.

As an ex prison guard, Flynn has a lot of experience with criminals, and knew the importance of carrying a concealed weapon for self-defence purposes. Because of this decision, he was able to successfully defend himself and his colleague from the two armed robbers. Let’s hope these two Democrats would now never consider voting for gun controls after this experience.

The full story is available on bearingarms.com.

Home breakers given a lesson they will never forget by 80-year-old

2 intruders who broke into 80-year-old Tom Greer’s house were completely unaware that he owned a .22-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver. Greer, of Long Beach California, came home to find a man and a woman rummaging through his house, which included a safe. Greer was attacked by the couple when he entered his house. However, once Greer pointed a gun at them, they both decided to run. Greer, however, decided to shoot anyway, despite the woman allegedly begging “Don’t shoot me, I'm pregnant! I'm going to have a baby!” Greer states, “I shot her so that’s going to leave a message on his mind for the rest of his life.”

In California, residents have the right to defend themselves, and Greer did suffer serious collarbone and shoulder injuries. However, Californian law may also recognise that Greer was no longer in danger when he shot the woman as they were running away. Also, Greer has stated that he had no regrets when shooting her. At this stage, it is unclear whether he will face charges. The moral of the tale? Make sure you use your firearm for self-defence purposes only!

The full story is available in rare.net.

Hero Walgreen’s pharmacist fired after preventing armed robbery

And our final story is one that may make you a little angry, as it definitely got to me! A Walgreens pharmacist has been fired from his position after he shot at two armed robbers. Jeremy Hoven had to defend himself when two armed robbers came into the pharmacy in Benton Township and took the store manager hostage at gunpoint. Hoven, the on-duty pharmacist on the day, tried calling 911, but was stopped by one of the robbers. At his point Hoven produced his concealed handgun and was able to force the 2 robbers to run away from the store without causing them any injuries.

Despite this, Walgreens decided to sack Hoven, stating “Store employees receive comprehensive training on our robbery procedures and how to react and respond,” she wrote. Walgreens’ approach is “endorsed by law enforcement, which strongly advises against confrontation of crime suspects. Compromise is safer.”

Even after taking his former employers to court for wrongful termination, the courts have ruled in favour of Walgreens, with U.S. District Judge Janet Neff stating that Michigan’s Concealed Pistol Licensing Act, or CPLA, did not offer Jeremy Hoven protection after he was fired for violating Walgreens’ rules. This is despite the fact that Hoven has claimed 95% of the public that he has been in contact with support his actions and his decision to defend himself with firearms.

The full story is available on gunssaveslives.net.

Wrapping Up

It’s interesting to point out that the vast majority of incidents with firearms are when they are used for self-defence and no one is actually injured. And yet media outlets tend to focus on homicides when reporting gun use, despite evidence showing that carrying a concealed weapon can deter attackers and possibly save your life.