Walther PPS Holster – 5 Holsters To Fit Your Walther PPS


The table below compares 10 Walther PPS holster options according to material, ratings and price. To see any of the holsters below on Amazon.com, simply click on the holster’s image to take you to that holster’s product page.

High-density plastics5 stars$$
Leather5 stars$$
Leather5 stars$$$$
 Leather & Kydex5 stars$$$$
Nylon5 stars$
Kydex4 stars$$$$
Leather5 stars$$$$
Leather4 stars$$$$$
Leather5 stars$$$$$
Leather5 stars$$$$$


When choosing a Walther PPS holster, there are a few key considerations you need to keep in mind in order to choose the right holster. Firearms can be different when it comes to functionality, weight and size.

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Walther PPS has the following measurements:

Weight: 560 g (19.8 oz)
Length: 160.5 mm (6.32 in)
Barrel length: 81 mm (3.2 in)

From the above dimensions it is clear that the Walther PPS can be classed as a small to medium sized handgun. Being a small to medium handgun, most types of holsters will be suited for carrying this handgun, but as the handgun is specifically designed for concealed carry and to serve as a possible back-up weapon, a lot of IWB holsters and ankle holsters will be available for this handgun.


Below we look at 5 Walther PPS holsters that are available on Amazon. We look at the materials that the holsters are made from, the comfort of how it is worn, how it fits the Walther PPS, and how easy it is to draw your weapon from the holster.

Here are our top 5 Walther PPS holsters:

Fobus PPS Right-Handed Holster

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This is an over-the-waist-band, mid-priced Walther PPS holster and is made from injection molding Kydex, something that Fobus is renowned for. The material used means that these holsters are robust, whilst also not needing any of the maintenance that leather holsters require, such as the need to oil, allowing a holster to breath, or breaking a holster in – something which has made it a favourite with different military and special security forces around the world (Fobus designed their range of holsters with this in mind). This Walther PPS holster has been designed for right handed shooters, and it attaches to a belt via the included paddle.

We loved how light this holster was, and it holds the Walther PPS very close to the body. Naturally, as an OWB, you do need to think about using a jacket or a long sweater to cover the holster, as well as the need to wear a belt. These Walther PPS holsters come with a tension screw so you can adjust the tension until you get the right balance between pistol retention and smooth draw. We found the tension screw to be very sensitive, with just a quarter spin making a noticeable difference.

Fit for the Walther PPS is perfect. We can’t really fault this holster, except with the fact that most people buy the small Walther PPS because of its size and the ability for it to fit into pockets, or concealed almost entirely by an IWB holster. As this Walther PPS holster is an OWB holster, there are constraints as to what clothing you wear, and of course, you have to wear a belt.

OUTBAGS LOB2S-PPS Brown Genuine Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster

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The first leather holster on our list of Walther PPS holster options, this holster is hand crafted in the USA. The leather is cured and hardened to make sure the holster keeps its shape. This makes it easy to reholster your weapon (as the holster won’t collapse in on itself). It also has a protective clear coating to keep your holster looking good and clean.

This holster is specifically designed to be IWB, so if you are looking to carry concealed, this holster is a good Walther PPS holster for your needs. If you want a holster for OWB carry, then this is not the holster for you.

This is a really nice quality holster for a good price. The only criticism we have for the holster is that its clip tends to be really stiff, which results in it being really difficult to get the holster loose from your pants when you want to take the holster off. This can be a bit awkward if you are in public and need to quickly remove your holster for whatever reason. It can of course be remedied with a bit of DIY if you really want to.

The holster is available in left-hand and right-hand options.

Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard Holster

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This leather holster comes from Desantis, who are well known for their holsters. The holster is designed to ride high and to be presented at an optimum draw angle. Its thumb break and exact molding, together with a tension device, allows for a secure and highly concealable carry.

The holster does come in different color options (black or tan) and you can also order it in a left-hand version if you are a lefty.

Users noted that this holster rides a bit high, but is really comfortable and is a good option for everyday carry. So if you are looking for a quality leather holster at a reasonable price, which is also really comfortable, then this is a really good Walther PPS holster option for you.

SHTF GEAR Walther PPS IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention and Comfort Curve

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A IWB holster made specifically for the Walther PPS, this holster is made from a hybrid of high density leather and Kydex, a thermoplastic material. As you would expect from a holster designed specifically for a make and model of gun, this is a perfect fit, and with it’s ‘comfort curve’ features, ensures that the holster is also a perfect fit for your body too.

The Kydex is at the back of the Walther PPS holster, and it curves against the user’s body, creating a very individual, snug fit, that means this holster is very comfortable to wear, and conceals your gun better, as it brings the grip closer to your body. The sweat guard cut allows the user to have full shooting grip when the gun is holstered. This allows for very fast draw.

Other features are that users can adjust the retention, so you can get the right amount of grip the holster has on the gun. This means no issues with gun falling out unexpectedly, or being so tight that a user finds it difficult to draw smoothly. Many users have praised the craftsmanship, with the durable Kevlar stitching, beveled edges, and the ability to adjust carry height and cant. There appears to be little evidence to criticise this Walther PPS holster

DeSantis Glock 26/27 PPS/PK380 Sof-Tuck Holster

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As the Walther PPS is meant to be a concealed carry type of weapon, it makes sense that some folks will want to have a pocket holster for the Walther PPS. DeSantis makes this pocket holster that is made from a viscous Nylon, which makes it very sticky (the manufacturer compares it to being sticky like fly paper). This stickiness is of course to make sure that the holster does not move around in your pocket. The inside of the holster is made from a slick pack cloth for a low friction draw. The holster is padded to ensure a low gun print.

Due to the shape of this holster, it is ambidextrous. So you do not need to buy a holster that is specifically right-handed or left-handed.


There are really some great Walther PPS holster options available today. So which Walther PPS holster would we choose if we were looking for a holster to fit a Walther PPS? Let’s recap the top options available:

The Fobus Standard Holster is made from Kydex and is extremely robust, having been made with the world’s military services and special forces in mind. This is great fit for the Walther PPS. Draw is also very smooth, once you have adjusted the tension screw to your liking. It is quite concealable, but as an OWB holster, there are limitations as to what you can wear and you definitely need to wear a belt as this Walther PPS holster attaches via a paddle which needs to be attached to a belt.

The Outbags leather holster is a good quality leather holster at a decent price. It is specifically designed for IWB carry only, so if you want something that can also be carried OWB or SOB, then this holster will not satisfy your needs. However if you are looking for an IWB holster specifically, then this will be an excellent choice that won’t let you down.

The Desantis Thumb Break Scabbard holster is a really good looking holster and is made from leather. Users raved about how comfortable it is. If you want a everyday carry holster that does not cost too much, looks good…but also provides for good concealed carry if needed, then this is a solid option.

The SHTF GEAR IWB hybrid holster is made from high density leather and Kydex. Comfort is unsurpassed, with the customised fit that Kydex affords. As to be expected from a holster designed for the Walther PPS, fit is perfect, and drawing the weapon is also perfect, as a user can adjust the retention to suit them.

The DeSantis pocket holster is a simple little holster made from a viscous Nylon to make sure it stays put in your pocket. If you want to carry your Walther PPS, in your pocket, then this is the Bodyguard 380 holster options that will fit your needs.

So which one would we choose?

If we had to go out and my a holster for a Walther PPS, we would want something that is designed for concealed carry and will also be really comfortable. There are a couple holsters like that on our list, namely the Outbags holster and the SHTF GEAR IWB hybrid holster.

If we had to choose between the two, we would choose the SHTF GEAR IWB hybrid holster as it will allow for concealed and comfortable carry for extended periods of time. Sure, it cost more than twice what the Outbags holster goes for, but we are willing to invest a bit more in a holster that will comfortable while providing good carry.


What do you think of the Walther PPS holster options we covered? Do you think there are better holsters for the Walther PPS out there that we did not list? If so, send us a message and tell us what holster you think is the ultimate Walther PPS holster!

We hope you find the best Walther PPS holster for your needs! If you have any thoughts on the topic of Walther PPS holster options, we would love to hear it. So please, share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Disclaimer: www.smokingbarrelusa.com does not manufacture, sell or distribute any of the holsters described above. All information is based on descriptions provided for the product by the relevant sellers’ product page for the holster on Amazon.com.

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