Ruger P95 Holsters – 5 Holsters To Fit Your Ruger P95


High-density plastics4 stars$$
Nylon4 stars$
Leather4 stars$
Nylon4 stars$
Leather5 stars$$
Leather5 stars$$$$
Nylon4 stars$
Nylon4 stars$$
Leather4 stars$$
Leather4 stars$$


The Ruger P series is a range of semi-automatic pistols made by a US company, Sturm, Ruger & Company, and were designed for use by the military and police, as well as civilians concerned with self-defense, and recreational use. They are considered to be very reliable and strong, although this does mean they are slightly bulky. We also covered the Ruger SR9C, Ruger LC9 and the Ruger SP101.

The P95 was introduced in 1996, and is a short-recoil, double action and single action pistol, with a shorter barrel than earlier models (3.9 inches). It also has a frame made from fiber-glass reinforced polyurethane instead of the aluminum that was used in previous models, so this pistol was not only more compact but lighter in weight. The polymer frame also allowed the slide to ride directly onto a polymer frame rail. The Ruger P95 has a slide mounted manual safety (no decocker). All the P series pistols, including the P45, have an ambidextrous magazine release with is behind the trigger guard, and this can be pushed from either side causing the magazine to eject.  The P45 also has three-dot sights which are adjustable for windage. All in all, a very reliable and robust medium to large sized pistol, which could be concealed with right holsters.


The functionality, weight and size differs from one gun to the next. Keep the following in mind when purchasing a Ruger P95 holster:

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Ruger P95 has the following measurements:

Length: 7.2 in (182.3 mm)

Barrel Length: 3.9 in (99 mm)

Width: 1.18 in (29.9 mm)

Height: 5.7 in (144.8 mm)

Weight: 27 oz (767 g)

From the above dimensions, you can see that the P95 can be classed as a medium to large sized pistol. This makes it more difficult to conceal in general, and would be completely unsuitable for ankle or pocket holsters (unless you are wearing a jacket with large pockets and buy a large pocket holster). Instead, when choosing a Ruger P95 holster you should look at shoulder holsters, over the waistband (OWB) holsters, and inside the waistband (IWB) holsters.

The Ruger P95 is designed to be used by the military and law enforcement agencies. However, they have also become extremely popular in the civilian self-defence market too. For self-defence carry, you should choose between OWB holsters or IWB holsters. Most civilians who carry the Ruger P95 for self-defense purposes need to conceal their gun, as most US states now prohibit guns being ‘on-show’. Generally, IWB holsters are more concealable, but due to their bulkiness, there aren’t many IWB holsters for the P95. It’s best to opt for a good OWB holster and make sure you wear a jacket or coat to cover the belt, holster and gun. You could opt for shoulder holsters, but you will find that having to keep a jacket on to conceal the gun will hamper the ease of draw and draw speed.


Below we look at 5 Ruger P95 holster options that are available on Amazon. We look at the materials that the holsters are made from, the comfort of how it is worn, how it fits the Ruger P95, and how easy it is to draw your weapon from the holster.

Here are our top 5 Ruger P95 holster options:

Ruger P95; P97; SR9 Side Holster

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This OWB Ruger P95 holster is made from fully lined black nylon, and comes with an ambidextrous belt and clip combination, which means it can be used by left and right handed people. These holsters are designed to be worn using the clip on the pants, and on a belt using the loop. It also boasts an adjustable thumb break using a steel shank for access, and a compartment for an extra magazine.

Regarding fitting the P95, this holster fits well. Concealability is ok, so long as a long jacket or coat is worn, but the holster is quite bulky. Add to that the bulkiness of the P45, and many users will find they tend to use this holster on an outdoor range rather than for everyday concealed wear. There is a cover strap for the holster which makes the gun feel very secure, and makes it ideal for hikes and hunting. Ease of draw is smooth and fast.

OutBags OB-16SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun Holster with Mag Pouch

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These OWB Ruger P95 holster options can be found in left and right hand versions and are made of 600 denier nylon. They boast a fully adjustable thumb break and come with a steel belt clip (for mounting onto belt or waistband), a belt loop (for a secure, permanent mount to belt), and a magazine pouch. The most inexpensive option on our list, this holster sits comfortably on a belt with its webbed spine which molds itself to the user. Additionally, the Velcro straps secure the gun into the holster and can be repositioned or even removed if necessary.

Regarding fitting the P45, this holster does fit, but may be slightly loose. However, the Velcro straps do help in keeping your gun in the holster. Draw is predictably fast as the holster is a little loose. The nylon is quite thick, which does make the holster a little bulky, and therefore difficult to conceal. Many users prefer to use this holster out on the range.

However, remember this is a budget option, and therefore some users have reported the stitching coming undone as well as the cheap plastic clip breaking.

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle

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This is a mid-range OWB Ruger P95 holster for right handed people is made from injection molding and space age high density plastics. This means it is much more durable than nylon holsters, and is comparable to leather holsters, but without the maintenance required to keep leather holsters in top condition. No wonder then that these holsters are used by a number of the world’s special security and military services. It boasts a protective sight channel, and is extremely light weight. Bearing in mind that the P95 is rather bulky, having a light holster really helps.

In terms of fit for the P95, this is a fantastic fit, holding the gun securely (you will hear a click when the gun has slotted in correctly) whilst also allowing for fast draw. You do have to practice drawing to get up to a decent speed, but it is achievable. Also, there is an adjustable screw to tighten or loosen the retention, which allows you to get the perfect balance between retention and ease of draw.

Regarding comfort, these are extremely comfortable to wear, although will cause discomfort when sitting down as the plastic will dig into your side a lot more than nylon or leather. Concealability is some of the highest you will find for a largish gun such as P95 as these holsters ride high and are rather low profile. Complete concealed carry for the P95 is difficult, but this may be as close as you will get!

Ruger P95; P97; SR9 w/Laser

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This budget to mid-range Ruger P95 holster is an OWB type, and made from heavy duty nylon with a smooth inner lining to stop your gun getting scuffed. These come with 2 belt loops and a 2 inch metal clip, and are designed to be work with a belt through the loops and the clip onto the pants. This gives a very secure fit, whilst allowing you to move the belt clip to whichever side feels more comfortable. It boast an adjustable thumb break with a steel shank for easy access, as well as a magazine pouch which can hold double stacked or 2 single stacked magazines. The major draw of these holsters is that they are designed to be used in conjunction with attached lazar lights or flash lights, and fit for the P95 with attached lights is perfect, whilst still allowing for ease of draw.

These holsters are comfortable to wear, so long as they are attached to a sturdy belt, and are even more comfortable with a specially designed gun belt. Concealability is almost impossible as it is bulky and is not ‘form fit’. Not a holster for concealed carry, but perfect Ruger P95 holster option for on the range practice shooting sessions.

Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster

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These premium, raw cowhide leather OWB Ruger P95 holster are made in left or right hand versions and boast a reinforced thumb break as well as protection for the rear sight with a wide safety strap. There is a tension screw adjustment near the trigger guard which allows you to tighten or loosen the retention until you find the perfect balance between ease of draw and a secure fit. Draw speed is also quickened by the low cut design which allows you to draw you P95 faster and more cleanly. These holsters will fit belts of up to 1 and ¾ inch width.

As with all leather holsters, your P95 will fell a little too tight in the beginning, as you do need to break the holster in. Drawing and holstering your weapon many times when you first buy it will help. Also, placing your gun into a zip-lock bag or sock, placing it in the holster and leaving it all night also stretches the leather.

These holsters are probably the most comfortable Ruger P95 holster option of all, which is no mean feat when wearing a Ruger P95! The holster may appear bulky at first, but give it time to conform to your own body, and you will soon have a holster that feels as if it was custom made for you. Concealability is the best you are going to get for a large pistol like the P95, and it shows as these holsters are nearly triple the price of the next most expensive holster on this list.


There are really some great Ruger P95 holster options available today. So which Ruger P95 holster would we choose if we were looking for a holster to fit a Ruger P95? Let’s recap the top Ruger P95 holster options available:

The Ruger P95 side holster is made from fully lined nylon and is reasonably comfortable to wear. It fits the P95 well and allows you to draw your gun fast. However, this holster is bulky and you will find it hard to conceal.

The OutBags OB-16SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun Holster with Mag Pouch is made from 600 denier nylon and is comfortable to wear, once its webbed spine has had the chance to mould itself to the user. Draw is fast, but it is a little too large for the Ruger P95 (although there are Velcro straps to compensate). Our bulkiest holster on the list, these are impossible to conceal and are ideal for outdoor and on the range use.

The Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle is made from injection molding and space age high density plastics, and is very comfortable when standing up, but may cause issues when sitting down. Draw is fast once you have adjusted retention to your preferred strength, and it is one of the most concealable holsters on the list.

The Ruger P95 w/laser holster is made from heavy duty nylon, and is comfortable so long as it is mounted onto sturdy belt. It provides a good fit for the Ruger P95, so long as you are using it with lazar or flash lights. It offers good speed and ease of draw, but is bulky and designed for on the range use and not concealed carry.

The Galco cop 3 slot holster is made from premium raw cowhide leather. Once you have allowed for the break in period required for all leather holsters, it is the most comfortable holster on our list, is the perfect fit for the Ruger P95 and offers a customized draw speed for each user. Once it has had the chance to mold itself to your body, it also offer the most concealable option on our list too.

So which Ruger P95 holster would we choose?

The Ruger P95 holster coming in a number one position is, predictably, the most expensive option; the Galco cop 3 side holster. Once you have given it a little attention, it will love you back by being the most comfortable, customizable holster that fits to your body perfectly whilst fitting your Ruger P95 snugly. However, if patience is not your thing, opt for the Fobus Standard Holster. At a third of the price of the Galco cop 3 holster, it offers almost the same concealability and comfort. Remember that Ruger P95 pistols are rather bulky anyway, so many users don’t choose these guns for concealed carry purposes. If you plan on using these guns on the range our for various outdoor pursuits, then once concealability has been taken out of the equation, you may favour other Ruger P95 holster options, especially ones that can carry one or more magazines, such as the Ruger P95 w/laser holster.


What do you think of the Ruger P95 holster options we covered? Do you think there are better holsters for the Ruger P95 out there that we did not list? If so, send us a message and tell us what holster you think is the ultimate Ruger P95 holster!

We hope you find the best Ruger P95 holster for your needs! If you have any thoughts on the topic of Ruger P95 holster options, we would love to hear it. So please, share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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