Ruger LCR Holsters – 5 Holsters To Fit Your Ruger LCR


The table below compares 10 Ruger LCR holster options according to material, ratings and price. To see any of the holsters below on, simply click on the holster’s image to take you to that holster’s product page.

High-density plastics4 stars$
Nylon5 stars$
Leather5 stars$$
Nylon4 stars$
Leather & Kydex4 stars$$$$
Nylon4 stars$
Nylon5 stars$
Nylon4 stars$$$
Leather4 stars$$$$$
Leather4 stars$$$$

Ruger LCR

The Ruger LCR is a compact revolver built by Ruger. The LCR acronym stands for ‘Lightweight Compact Revolver‘. It incorporates several novel features such as a polymer grip and trigger housing, monolithic receiver, and constant force trigger. At 13.5 oz (380 g), the LCR is nearly 50% lighter than the stainless steel SP101 and with only the barrel and fluted cylinder made of stainless steel. The frame is aluminum alloy and synthetic glass-filled polymer finished in matte black with Synergistic Hard Coat. The LCR operates in double-action only (DAO) as the hammer is concealed within the frame handle’s fire control housing of the gun and cannot be cocked prior to firing. In order to create a crisp and light trigger pull that is non-stacking, it features a friction reducing cam, a feature seldom found on double-action revolvers (which by nature of their mechanism normally have a very heavy trigger pull).


When choosing a Ruger LCR holster, there are a few key considerations you need to keep in mind in order to choose the right holster. Firearms can be different when it comes to functionality, weight and size.

Weapon Size and Weight:

The Ruger LCR has the following measurements:

Weight: 13.5–17.1 oz (380–480 g)
Length: 6.5 in (170 mm)
Barrel length: 1.875 in (47.6 mm)
Width: 1.28 in (33 mm)
Height: 4.5 in (110 mm)

From the above dimensions, you can see that the Ruger LCR can be classed as a medium sized handgun. As such most holster types should be possible for this handgun.As it is not too big, the LCR will be popular for people wanting to carry concealed. If you want to go the concealed carry route pocket holsters and IWB holster will be good choices. You could probably even go for an ankle holster if you wanted to.


Below we look at 5 Ruger LCR holster options that are available on Amazon. We look at the materials that the holsters are made from, the comfort of how it is worn, how it fits the Ruger LCR, and how easy it is to draw your weapon from the holster.

Here are our top 5 Ruger LCR holster options:

Fobus Standard Holster

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This right handed Ruger LCR holster option is lightweight at only 2 ounces and made of space age high density plastics and injection moulding. It is completely maintenance free, needing no oil, and does not need to breath or sweat. Can be cleaned with simple soap and water, and can be deployed in the most severest elements. It also boasts a steel reinforced rivet attachment system and attaches using a rubberized paddle. Fobus say that all their holsters have been developed in Israel, specifically for the world’s military and security forces, and is therefore combat proven. All Fobus holders ride high, and are perfect for concealed wear. Also, this Ruger LCR holster has amazing retention.

An aspect to consider is that you must not jam in the gun, when the holster is new, without loosening the screw. A number of users felt that this Ruger LCR holster gripped the gun too much, causing problems when drawing. Others said the opposite, with the holster being too loose and not holding the gun. For some reason, most Fobus holsters come from the factory with the adjustment screw too tight. The best way is to loosen the adjustment screw to completely loose and then holster the gun. Whilst the gun is in the holster, start to tighten it gradually whilst drawing and re-holstering until you find the right amount of tension. If you jam the gun in without doing this, the trigger guard may shear off the top of the tab that secures the gun into the holster. Once this tab is damaged, the gun will never remain securely in the holster. Very likely, the users complaining about this holster being too tight are unaware that Fobus holsters need to be loosened first, and the ones who say their holster is too loose have probably damaged the top of the tab by using too much force when trying to draw. Another complaint has been the 2 hard plastic studs which some users say dig into your side, as well as the springs on the metal reinforcing clip on the back of the paddle, which can be uncomfortable when bending over.

DESANTIS N38 The Nemesis Pocket Holster

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As we mentioned above the Ruger LCR is a popular handgun for concealed carry, so it makes sense that some folks will want to have a pocket holster for the LCR. DeSantis makes this pocket holster that is made from a viscous Nylon, which makes it very sticky (the manufacturer compares it to being sticky like fly paper). This stickiness is of course to make sure that the holster does not move around in your pocket. The inside of the holster is made from a slick pack cloth for a low friction draw. The holster is padded to ensure a low gun print.

Due to the shape of this holster, it is ambidextrous. So you do not need to buy a holster that is specifically right-handed or left-handed.

Cardini Leather USA IWB Holster

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We love a well made leather holster and this holster from Cardini Leather USA is just such a holster! This Ruger LCR holster option is made from cowhide leather that comes with a steel clip (the picture above does not show the clip as it is on the other side of the holster. Click on the image to go to the holster’s product page to see more pictures that show the clip). The inside of the holster has a suede lining to protect your weapon from scratches when you reholster, and is shaped to help keep its form to make reholstering quick and smooth. However it is not as hard as the Fobus holster, so if you are wearing a belt the holster will still collapse once you draw your handgun.

If you are looking for a leather holster that will specifically fit your Ruger LCR, but that is also very affordable, you will struggle to find a better Ruger LCR holster option than this one. It is designed to be carried comfortably as a IWB holster. The only downside is that it is a right-hand option only, so if you are left-handed you are unfortunately out of luck!

Barsony Gun Concealment OWB Belt Holster

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We cannot have a list of Ruger LCR holster options without an affordable Cordura Nylon option on the list! This holster from Barsony is an OWB holster that comes with a clip so that you can wear the holster on your belt and clip it to your pants to ensure maximum sturdiness when you are carrying. As you may notice in the picture, the holster has a leather strip underneath the clip in order to keep the Nylon away from your body and clothes. This will help that the holster does not chafe and damage  your clothes.

The problem with this holster appears to be the retention strap and thumb-break. Firstly, it does not seem to fit exactly over the hammer of the LCR but rather over the top of the handle. If you have to run rough with this holster there is no telling how soon your weapon might come undone from the holster! Secondly, the thumb-break unsnaps toward the body instead of away from it, which makes reholstering with one hand much more difficult. Of course the flip side of this is that it makes drawing your weapon a lot quicker as you can keep your hand on your weapon while disengaging the button release with your thumb. The positive about the retention strap is that you can adjust it to your needs.

This holster is available in both right-hand and left-hand configurations. As this is a OWB specific holster, it is not the best Ruger LCR holster option if you are looking for something that you can carry concealed.

DeSantis Intruder Holster

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If you want to carry concealed comfortably, then this is the best Ruger LCR holster option for your needs! This IWB holster from DeSantis is made from leather and Kydex. You can adjust the height and cant of the holster for maximum comfort according to your preferences.

The clips are a bit tight, making taking the holster off not as easy and quick as some other holsters. However this means that you can be sure the holster stays securely in place! The paddle helps keep the holster steady and allows for extended carry in comfort. Some users who have commented on this holster mentioned that they would have the holster on for hours and hardly notice it is there. It is a lot more expensive than the other Ruger LCR holster options we have discussed, but you get a quality holster for that price and it will last you a long time if you look after it properly.


There are really some great Ruger LCR holster options available today. So which Ruger LCR holster would we choose if we were looking for a holster to fit a Ruger LCR? Lets recap the top options available:

The Fobus Standard holster is made from plastic and injection moulding, is very durable, and fits the LCR very well. However, it seems it requires some work to be able to draw your weapon quickly and smoothly. There are also serious issues regarding comfort, as many users have mentioned that the springs on the reinforcement clip, and the plastic studs, cause pain when wearing the holster.

The DeSantis pocket holster is a simple little holster made from a viscous Nylon to make sure it stays put in your pocket. If you want to carry your LCR in your pocket, then this is the Ruger LCR holster options that will fit your needs.

The Cardini Leather holster is an affordable leather holster specifically designed to fit the Ruger LCR and to be worn IWB. Quality is decent and comes with double stitching, so if you look after it well it should serve you a long time! Ideal Ruger LCR holster option if you are looking for a IWB leather holster that fits the LCR specifically.

The Barsony Nylon OWB holster is an affordable holster ideal for carry to the gun range, but not for concealed carry. We have some concerns over the retention strap and whether it will keep your weapon securely in place when you might be running rough. For our money, we think there are better Ruger LCR holster options available.

The DeSantis IWB holster is the ideal Ruger LCR holster option if you need to carry concealed. It is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods and is of quality construction. A bit more expensive than the other holster, but you get what you pay for.

So which Ruger LCR holster would we choose?

If we had to buy a holster for a Ruger LCR revolver today, we would likely go with the DeSantis Intruder holster. Yes it is much more expensive than the other options, but it is well made and very comfortable to wear. It is designed to be extremely concealable and for that reason we have chosen it. It is the ideal holster for all day concealed carry.

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Current Price: $48.59
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What do you think of the Ruger LCR holster options we covered? Do you think there are better holsters for the Ruger LCR out there that we did not list? If so, send us a message and tell us what holster you think is the ultimate Ruger LCR holster!

We hope you find the best Ruger LCR holster for your needs! If you have any thoughts on the topic of Ruger LCR holster options, we would love to hear it. So please, share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Disclaimer: does not manufacture, sell or distribute any of the holsters described above. All information is based on descriptions provided for the product by the relevant sellers’ product page for the holster on

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