Choosing the Correct Long Eye Relief Scope

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You have picked up a fancy rifle and now looking at it, heard through the grapevine that a good quality Riflescope needs to go with it. Maybe your eyesight is not what it used to be and decided it may be time to place some glass on top of that old shooting iron. However, there are so many styles and models of scopes available. Now, which one is the right one for you? Here is what you need to know and do.

Choosing the correct Long Eye Relief Scopes Important

Making the wrong choice when buying a long eye relief scope affects your accuracy, position of shooting flexibility, and most likely your safety – that is why it is important to choose the correct riflescope. With such a variety of choice available on the market today, you need to know what you are looking for in long eye relief scopes before walking into a store and buying the best suited for you.

Consider your gun

You always need to consider your gun as rifles that are more powerful consist of powerful recoil. If your scope offers insufficient eye relief the probability is that the butt of the scopes most likely to hit you in the face after shooting the first shot. If you own a.22 caliber rifle, you could consider anything on the market – however, when working with a potent firearm, consider buying scopes on the long end of the eye-relief spectrum.

Scope Eye Relief

The typical scopes usually stated as follows 3-9 x 40mm or 4 x 32mm or some distinction thereof. The numbers refer to the magnification of the scope and can be a fixed number (4 in this case) — or an uneven number, such as 3-9. No matter what the number the target you are aiming at will come into view closer than what it really is. The number 40mm refers to the diameter of the objective lens (this is the lens in front of the target; the ocular lens is closest to your eye), expressed in millimeters.

Do not be influenced by the vision

Do not be influenced by the vision of precise half-mile shots. If you have a powerful gun, you are most likely looking for a long eye relief scope. As your gun can shoot long distances, it does not mean that you should get a scope that is sighted to the moon. Consider an average spread of shooting distance when in the field by selecting a scope that fits that range. The more powerful the scope the shorter your eye reliefs, so do not over buy on optics.

The eye relief of your scope refers to the distance you can keep the scope away from your eye while still being able to see a full image through the scope. Especially when it comes to heavy-recoiling guns as the scope needs mounting as far forward as possible preventing injury to your eyes when shooting. Shotguns, muzzleloaders, and some handgun scopes have long eye relief, as they need holding out as far as arm’s length.

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Look for features that match your most common use

Look for the feature sets that match your most common use. If you hunt in open-field and shooting in a range of diverse postures and terrain, you need to look at long eye relief scopes offering you with a generous viewing angle and a high degree of flexibility. As all scopes classified into two sections with fixed-power or variable-power.

A fixed scope is permanently set at a given level of magnification while variables adjustable within their zoom range. Moreover, you always need to remember when buying a variable scope when sighting in at the gun range, it is important to keep the scope on its lowest setting as when you encounter game up close or moving with a higher magnification the scope’s field of view is smaller and makes it difficult to locate your target.

If you are more into competitive shooting, rather buy a narrower viewing angle in exchange for higher precision. Do not buy scopes for hunting and shooting styles that are not your own.

Test the long eye relief scope in the store

The best when choosing a long eye relief scope to test it in the store once narrowing down your choice. The best features and all your knowledge cannot substitute for personal experience and performance of the long eye relief scope. If you are visiting a good gun retailer, they will most likely have a shooting range for these purposes and make sure to take your time in testing each one before buying.

If possible, use a rifle similar to your own to make sure that the eye reliefs sufficient. Shoot in two or three of your hunting postures making sure that what you are buying is suited for you. Recoil varies depending on the position you are using to shoot and helps you get an accurate measurement of the long eye relief of the scope.

The rule of thumb is to buy yourself the best scope you can afford and ultimately depends on the firearm and the type of hunting you do. By following these steps, you will not regret it, as it will be money well spent when that big buck appears and you can see him clearly through your scope.

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