Centerfire vs Rimfire – What Is The Difference And Which Is Best?

What is the difference between centerfire vs rimfire?

Basically, when we talk about centerfire vs rimfire, we are talking about types of ammo. More specifically we are referring to the two categories of ignition systems for ammo cartridges. Centerfire vs rimfire is all in the name – with centerfire the firing pin strikes a center primer, while with rimfire the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge base to ignite the primer.



The video below gives a nice overview of centerfire vs rimfire ammo, plus some interesting history too!

The big difference between centerfire vs rimfire ammo is the way in which the firing pin strikes the primer. With centerfire a center primer is struck, while with rimfire the rim of the cartridge is struck.

Rimfire ammo is typically smaller caliber ammo with thin cartridge walls, which make them cheap ammo perfect for beginners or for practising shooting.

Centerfire ammo is larger ammo with thicker cartridge walls, which make it more expensive to manufacture but also more reliable and possible to reuse cartridges.

So on whether you should use centerfire vs rimfire ammo comes down to what your needs are.